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Vibe Design System

image React components library - Storybook

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Install the component library

$ npm install monday-ui-react-core


You can import from the main bundle:

import { Button } from "monday-ui-react-core";

or you might want to import directly the component from the dist folder

import Button from "monday-ui-react-core/dist/Button";

You also need to import Main CSS file to your project

import "monday-ui-react-core/dist/main.css"

Font installation

We don't import fonts ourselves, we work best with the following fonts - Poppins, Figtree and Roboto, we recommend adding the following link import to your application


Peer dependecies

We are relaient on React and React DOM, we are using them as externals and we don't package them to the package so you must have them in your project


We are using storybook in order to develop the components independently from any consumer. run this to build & run the storybook locally:

npm run storybook

the storybook will be served on http://localhost:7007

Developing locally with your consumer application

When developing locally we are using a npm functionality called npm link, this allows us to work locally on our package and use it in a different project without publishing. This functionality basically overrides the npm mapping between package name to its repo, and points it to where the package is located locally.

Troubleshooting local development

  • If you are using NVM, make sure both packages are using the same version.
  • Because we are using react hooks and having react as a peerDependency - if you want to develop locally and encounter issues with "invalid hook call" See this github thread. The quick fix is in your webpack config file alias react to resolve the node_modules path

Go to the project's directory and run:

nvm use
npm unlink
npm link
npm start


We welcome every contributor, please read the contribution guidelines before submitting a PR


We support theming from the library to the component level using css variables - for more info on theming please read the theme guidelines file


Perform the following steps to release a new version:




npm i monday-ui-react-core

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