Official Mollie API client for Node (by Mollie B.V.)

Mollie API client for Node

Accepting iDEAL, Mister Cash, Creditcard, PayPal, and paysafecard online payments without fixed monthly costs or any punishing registration procedures. Just use the Mollie API to receive payments directly on your website.

To use the Mollie API client, the following things are required:

  • Get yourself a free Mollie account. No sign up costs.
  • Create a new Website profile to generate API keys (live and test mode) and setup your webhook.
  • Now you're ready to use the Mollie API client in test mode.
  • In order to accept payments in live mode, payment methods must be activated in your account. Follow a few of steps, and let us handle the rest.

By far the easiest way to install the Mollie API client is to install it with npm.

$ npm install mollie-api-node

        "dependencies": {
            "mollie-api-node": ">= 1.0.x"

You may also git checkout or download all the files, and include the Mollie API client manually.

To successfully receive a payment, these steps should be implemented:

  1. Use the Mollie API client to create a payment with the requested amount, description and optionally, a payment method. It is important to specify a unique redirect URL where the customer is supposed to return to after the payment is completed.

  2. Immediately after the payment is completed, our platform will send an asynchronous request to the configured webhook to allow the payment details to be retrieved, so you know when exactly to start processing the customer's order.

  3. The customer returns, and should be satisfied to see that the order was paid and is now being processed.

Requiring the library.

    Mollie = require("mollie-api-node");

Initializing the Mollie API client, and setting your API key.

    mollie = new Mollie.API.Client;

Creating a new payment.

        amount:      10.00,
        description: "My first API payment",
        redirectUrl: ""
    },  function (payment) {
        response.writeHead(302, { Location: payment.getPaymentUrl() })

Retrieving a payment.

    ,   function (payment) {
        if (payment.isPaid())
            console.log("Payment received.");

BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) License. Copyright (c) 2013, Mollie B.V.

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