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modular chainer

Get the benefits of chaining without sacrificing modularity!

var $ = require('modular-chainer'),
    parse = require('./parse'),
    walk = require('./walk'),
    stringify = require('./stringify'),
    diff = require('diff');
var transformedDiff = $(sourceCode)
    .$(parse, {semicolons: 'loose'})
    .$(walk, function(node) { ... })
    .to(diff, sourceCode).val;

$(val).$(fn, arg, ...)

Call fn as if its attached to val.

The equivalent of, arg, ...)

`$(val).to(fn, arg, ...)

Call fn with val as the first argument.

The equivalent of fn(val, arg, ...)


Extracts the value.


The performance cost is negligable in many cases. However, keep in mind that new objects are created on every chain operation. Fast operations on primitives will suffer a lot: if you're using it to do math, it will be slow.