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Mirai Bot Core

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A powerful Discord bot core using Eris. At least NodeJS v6 Argon is REQUIRED

Documentation | Eris Docs | Mirai Bot Website | Support me on Patreon | Discord Server | Mirai Bot Combined Todo List

By using mirai-bot-core you agree to not ask any questions unless you have a basic understanding of installing programs, running node applications, and developing JavaScript applications.

mirai-bot-core supports advanced application monitoring with using raven. For more information head over to the docs.


npm i -S mirai-bot-core
const Mirai = require('mirai-bot-core'),
      bot = new Mirai(config);

Add your bot to a server using

Abstract Classes

Abstract classes are provided to ensure you have the required methods. They can be accessed like so:

const AbstractCommand = require('mirai-bot-core/lib/Base/AbstractCommand');
class PingCommand extends AbstractCommand {
    constructor() {