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    Create a blog easily with Metalsmith.

    A wrapper of Metalsmith plugins for quickly creating a blog with Metalsmith.


    • Liquid Templating
    • Markdown Rendering
    • Permalinks
    • Pagination
    • Firebase Data Integration
    • Webpack Bundling
    • Use NPM Modules
    • SASS Compiling and CSS Fingerprinting
    • RSS & Sitemap Support
    • Imagemin, Code Highlighting, Html Minification
    • robots.txt
    • Post Features
      • Excerpts
      • Tags
      • Drafts


    $ npm install metalpress --save

    Structure and Templating

    metalpress works from a specific directory structure. It contains a templates and src directory. Within the src directory it will load data from data as yaml or json files. You can create folders for collections and use markdown files for pages. You should store all assets in assets.

    For templating, metalpress uses liquid. You can learn more about the syntax here.

    Here's an example structure:

    ├── package.json
    ├── src
    │   ├── data
    │       ├── site.yaml
    │       ├── projects.json
    │   ├── assets
    │       ├── sass
    │       ├── img
    │       ├── fonts
    │       ├── js
    │           ├── index.js
    │   ├──
    │   ├── pages
    │       ├──
    │   └── posts
    │       ├──
    ├── templates
    │   ├── _includes
    │       ├── header.liquid
    │       ├── footer.liquid
    │   └── _layouts
    │       ├── home.liquid


    To get started with metalpress, you can use the API or CLI.

    API Usage

    metalpress taks a config object and callback. It will process the files in the config, build the site, and return a metalsmith instance. The callback will contain any errors and the file mappings.

    import metalpress from 'metalpress';
    import config from './metalpress.config';
    const m = metalpress(config, (err, files) => {
      console.log('New site build completed.');

    CLI Usage

    Install CLI

    npm install metalpress-cli -g

    Initialize a New Project

    Prompts a series of questions and creates a new .metalpress config.

    metalpress init

    Start a Browser-sync Server

    Serve the project on automatically assigned browser-sync port. (default: http://localhost:3000)

    metalpress serve

    Deploy a Project

    To deploy your site, you'll need to have your aws.json set up. It includes:


    Deploy a dist and deployed to AWS S3.


    metalpress deploy


    metalpress deploy -p

    Webpack Usage

    By default, metalpress uses a webpack configuration for both staging and production environments. Within your config, you can specify jquery: true for included support jquery.

    If you need to do so, you can override webpack with a custom config. For example, you can use the following options in your .metalpress config. You can add only the parameters you need which will be extended into the defaults, or override the entire file as needed.

      "webpack": {
        "dev": "./webpack.config.js",
        "prod": "./"

    For Questions, Issues, PRs please refer to @cameronroe



    npm i metalpress

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