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Whenever the Google Maps API needs to translate a location in the world to a location on a map (the screen), it needs to first translate latitude and longitude values into a "world" coordinate. This translation is accomplished using the Mercator projection.

More details can be found here.

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$ npm install -g mercator-projection


The following examples show you how to use mercator-projection.

var merc = require('mercator-projection');
// translate a latlng to a xy 
var xy = merc.fromLatLngToPoint({lat: -27.470127, lng: 153.0147027});
// {x: 236.81045525333332, y: 148.32879785796487} 
// translate a xy to a latlng 
var ll = merc.fromPointToLatLng({x: 236.81045525333332, y: 148.32879785796487})
// ~ {lat: -27.470127, lng: 153.0147027} 

Running tests

$ npm test