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Purpose and Intent

McFly provides a convenient mechanism to modernise obsolete or deprecated Olson/IANA timezone strings into their modern equivalent timezone string.

Example: Asia/Saigon -> Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh


Install via NPM

npm install mcfly-timezone


McFly, by default, utilises the 'backward' database, part of the larger IANA Timezone Database which is available under a Public Domain license. This will convert all deprecated timezone strings which have at any time formed a part of the IANA or Olson Timezone Databases to their modern equivalent.

Included 'Backward' Version: 2017b

McFly is designed to ingest 'link' files provided by IANA as part of their Timezone Database which are used to alias one timezone string to another timezone string. You can provide other link files from the IANA data files using the custom configuration options below.


Require the McFly module and call the convert method passing in the oldTimezoneString, a set of options (optional) and a callback to be called on completion. If the given timezone string has a valid conversion it will be converted to the new format, if not the original string will be returned.


  • oldTimezoneString - A timezone string to be converted
  • options - A set of options to configure the conversion of timezone strings (optional). See below for the available options. If not given the default options will be used.
  • callback - A callback which is called when the conversion is complete


  • conversions - A file or directory path to the IANA TZ DB Link file/files OR an object where keys are deprecated timezone strings where the value corresponds to their linked target string. Default: "<module path>/conversions"
  • ignore - A regular expression defining any old timezone strings which should be ignored for conversion. Default: null


Using default options

mcFly.convert("Asia/Saigon", function(error, result){
    \\ Output Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh

Using custom options

options = {
    conversions: {
        'Europe/Belfast': 'Europe/London',
        'GB': 'Europe/London',
        'GB-Eire': 'Europe/London'
    ignore: /\//

mcFly.convert("Europe/Belfast", options, function(error, result){
    \\ Output Europe/Belfast

mcFly.convert("GB", options, function(error, result){
    \\ Output Europe/London


  • McFly only converts timezone strings known to conform to a given format which have a valid current equivalent. The IANA Timezone Database maintains a list of known historical, obsolete and obscure Timezones which are not covered by the database. Timezone representations which have never formed part of the IANA or Olson databases are also unsupported.


  • When using conversions loaded from a file these are cached in-memory for the lifetime of the module's life in memory. This means changes to the state of conversions of the filesystem may not be updated unless the module is re-imported or the _conversionCache property on the module root is cleared.

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