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    Please use create-bot.ts instead! <a href=''>Link</a>


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    make-bot.ts CLI

    CLI for make Discord bots in TypeScript quickly using CamilleAbella/bot.ts template.

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    What is bot.ts ?

    bot.ts is a framework for discord.js designed in TypeScript for use in TypeScript. This framework includes all the features you need, here is a list:

    • Advanced handler. (for commands and listeners)
    • CLI to generate command and listener files.
    • Very practical file structure. (all the app parts are includes and exported from app.ts)
    • Yargs based argument system for commands.
    • Some essential commands and listeners. (including an advanced "eval" command)
    • Some scripts in package.json. (including a TypeScript watcher)
    • Knex database provider here, configured by default with sqlite3.
    • Efficient pagination system. (example in help command)
    • ESBuild configuration for a build faster than 100ms.
    • Simple slash command handler. (inspired of SkyDonald handler)
    • Faster Gulp based file watcher.
    • GitHub Actions checks for TYpeScript typings here.
    • Beautiful console logger using Chalk.
    • Gulp based framework updater.

    Why using bot.ts ?

    Code faster and without the hassle. Choosing bot.ts is choosing control.

    • It's not a lib! You can edit all files easly.
    • All is already configured.
    • I recommend it for learning TypeScript.
    • It uses ESBuild for boosted productivity




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