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✨ Magnet

Simple, fast and unopinionated uses the power of Babel and beyond into your microservices
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Getting started

npm install -g magnet

Generate a boilerplate project:

mkdir myproject/
magnet generate

Results in

~/D/myproject ❯❯❯ magnet generate
> info Generating files
> info Done.

Then install dependencies and run:

npm install
npm run dev

Results in

~/D/myproject ❯❯❯ npm run dev
> myproject@ dev /Users/eduardo/Desktop/myproject
> magnet
> info Building assets…
│ method │ path │ type │ file      │
│ GET    │ /api │ json │ /api.js   │
│ GET    │ /    │ html │ /index.js │
> info Ready on

Your microservice is ready for development on http://localhost:3000!

Running in production

To run your application in production use npm start instead and Magnet will serve your application optimized for production.


If you need examples of magnet usage, you can access othe examples on its repository folder.


BSD License © Liferay, Inc.