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    An npm package that facilitates both the generation and validation of API keys, as well as the limiting of calls for specific API keys on key-protected routes.


    Alexis J. Carr Michael Hart Chao Ji

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    This package requires a redis-server to be running.

    For development: if you have a Mac, homebrew should do the trick... brew install redis. To start the server, type redis-server in your command line.

    If you're on Windows, first go to the releases page of the Redis for Windows repo ( Then download the '' file. You can use any version that you'd like, just make sure that you do not download the 'source code' zip. After unzipping the file, in the newly created folder, run redis-server.exe. A window should then appear that says redis is running on port 6379.


    const { generateAPIKey, validateKey, keyLimiter } = require('macrolimiter')
      Using the hashArr as a simulated db for demo purposes. It will contain hashed api keys.
    let hashArr = [],
      headersKey // key that will be added to headers
      generateAPIKey() generates random api key object with the key and a hashed key 
      for secure storage in a db.
        key: 'ZC51K5Z-BY8MWFE-P88N4TJ-PQ4Q434',
        hash: '$2a$10$V4pGVXNHGc0p.iRbcZDYn.Fy3ajZuwSrb.ZMFYa6c8EyYpXL7AN2O'
    const key_ = generateAPIKey()
    hashArr.push(key_.hash) // adding one hashed key to hashArr, but can add several
    headersKey = key_.key
    /* server */
    const express = require('express')
    const app = express()
      User will send key (here stored as key_) on headers.
      validateKey() will check the key on headers against the passed in array of hashed 
      keys. O(n) complexity rn, so fair.
      For the keyLimiter(), pass in the max number of times you want the user to hit 
      your server before being blocked.
      COMING SOON: Ability to implement calls/time period limits (i.e. 1000 calls/day 
      would be keyLimiter({ CALL_LIMIT: 1000, TIME: '24hr' })).
      validateKey({ HASH_ARR: hashArr }),
      keyLimiter({ CALL_LIMIT: 2 }),
      (_req, res) => {
    app.listen(8888, () => console.log(`\n=== I'm on port 8888 ===\n`))

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