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IMS Global Certified

Easily turn your web application into a LTI® 1.3 Learning Tool.

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Ltijs is LTI® Advantage Complete Certified by IMS

Ltijs is the first LTI Library to implement the new LTI® Advantage Dynamic Registration Service, now supported by Moodle 3.10. The Dynamic Registration Service turns the LTI Tool registration flow into a fast, completely automatic process.

A ready-to-go SaaS LTI solution.

If you need an enterprise-ready LTI deployment, LTIaaS can get you up and running in a matter of minutes. We offer a SaaS solution with a powerful, easy to use, API that gives you access to the entire functionality of the LTI protocol. And you only start paying once your product starts to grow.

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The Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI®) protocol is a standard for integration of rich learning applications within educational environments. ref

This library implements a tool provider as an Express server, with preconfigured routes and methods that manage the LTI® 1.3 protocol for you. Making it fast and simple to create a working learning tool with access to every LTI® service, without having to worry about manually implementing any of the security and validation required to do so.

Feature roadmap

Feature Implementation Documentation
Keyset endpoint support ✔️ ✔️
Deep Linking Service Class ✔️ ✔️
Grading Service Class ✔️ ✔️
Names and Roles Service Class ✔️ ✔️
Dynamic Registration Service ✔️ ✔️
Database plugins ✔️ ✔️
Revised usability tutorials
Key Rotation
Redis caching


Installing the package

$ npm install ltijs


This package natively uses mongoDB by default to store and manage the server data, so you need to have it installed, see link bellow for further instructions.

Database Plugins

Ltijs can also be used with other databases through database plugins that use the same structure as the main database class.

Quick start

Setting up Ltijs

const path = require('path')

// Require Provider 
const lti = require('ltijs').Provider

// Setup provider
lti.setup('LTIKEY', // Key used to sign cookies and tokens
  { // Database configuration
    url: 'mongodb://localhost/database',
    connection: { user: 'user', pass: 'password' }
  { // Options
    appRoute: '/', loginRoute: '/login', // Optionally, specify some of the reserved routes
    cookies: {
      secure: false, // Set secure to true if the testing platform is in a different domain and https is being used
      sameSite: '' // Set sameSite to 'None' if the testing platform is in a different domain and https is being used
    devMode: true // Set DevMode to false if running in a production environment with https

// Set lti launch callback
lti.onConnect((token, req, res) => {
  return res.send('It\'s alive!')

const setup = async () => {
  // Deploy server and open connection to the database
  await lti.deploy({ port: 3000 }) // Specifying port. Defaults to 3000

  // Register platform
  await lti.registerPlatform({
    url: 'https://platform.url',
    name: 'Platform Name',
    clientId: 'TOOLCLIENTID',
    authenticationEndpoint: 'https://platform.url/auth',
    accesstokenEndpoint: 'https://platform.url/token',
    authConfig: { method: 'JWK_SET', key: 'https://platform.url/keyset' }


Implementation example


See bellow for the complete documentation:

Service documentations:

Additional documentation:


Please ⭐️ us on GitHub, it always helps!

If you find a bug or think that something is hard to understand feel free to open an issue or contact me on twitter @cvmcosta, pull requests are also welcome :)

And if you feel like it, you can donate any amount through paypal, it helps a lot.

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Special thanks

I would like to thank the Federal University of Maranhão and UNA-SUS/UFMA for the support throughout the entire development process.

I would like to thank CourseKey for making the Certification process possible and allowing me to be an IMS Member through them, which will contribute immensely to the future of the project.

I would like to thank Examind for the amazing work on the Firestore database plugin. As well as the continuous help and support in the development of this project.


APACHE2 License

Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) is a trademark of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. (

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