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Gather information about a line based on content and cursor position.

This was built as part of commander-completion, a shell completion library for commander.js.

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install line-info

var lineInfo = require('line-info');
  // git checkout|world 
  line: 'git checkoutworld',
  cursor: 12
/* Result is
  line: {
    value: 'git checkoutworld',
    index: 12, // 'git checkout'.length
    partialLeft: 'git checkout',
    partialRight: 'world'
  words: {
    value: ['git', 'checkoutworld'],
    index: 1, // Position of 'checkoutworld'
    partialLeft: ['git', 'checkout'],
    partialRight: ['world']
  word: {
    value: 'checkoutworld',
    index: 8, // 'checkout'.length
    partialLeft: 'checkout',
    partialRight: 'world'
// Accessed via `result.word.partialLeft`; // 'checkout' 


line-info exposes a single function via its module.exports


Collect info about a line given a set of shell completion parameters.


  • params Object - Container for additional parameters
    • line String - Input to analyze (e.g. npm publish)
    • cursor Number - Position of cursor within string (e.g. ec|ho hai has a cursor of 2)


  • retObj Object - Container for information
    • line Object - Container for params.line information
      • value String - Original input from params.line
      • index Number - Original cursor position from params.cursor
      • partialLeft String- Left section of line before cursor (e.g. 'npm pub' in npm pub|lish)
      • partialRight String- Right section of line after cursor (e.g. 'lish' in npm pub|lish)
    • words Object - Information about words in line
      • value String[] - Array of words in the params.line
      • index Number - Index of word containing cursor
      • partialLeft String[] - Array of words from retObj.line.partialLeft (e.g. ['npm', 'pub'] in npm pub|lish)
        • Word containing cursor will be broken up here
      • partialRight String[] - Array of words from retObj.line.partialRight (e.g. ['lish'] in npm pub|lish)
        • Word containing cursor will be broken up here
    • word Object - Information about word containing cursor
      • value String - Word containing cursor
      • index Number - Position of cursor within word
      • partialLeft String - Left section of word before cursor (e.g. 'pub' in npm pub|lish)
      • partialRight String - Right section of word after cursor (e.g. 'lish' in npm pub|lish)


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint via grunt and test via npm test.


Support this project and others by twolfson via gittip.

Support via Gittip


As of Dec 17 2013, Todd Wolfson has released this repository and its contents to the public domain.

It has been released under the UNLICENSE.