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    lightscript-cli · Version License LightScript

    command line utility for working with LightScript code & packages

    note: this project is a work in progress and, while usable, is not considered entirely stable


    $ npm i -g lightscript-cli

    The lightscript command is then available from anywhere, as well as the shorter form lsc.



    compile LightScript source files to JavaScript.

    # compile an input file to an output file
    $ lsc compile file.lsc -f file.js
    # compile a directory of files to an output directory
    $ lsc compile src -d dist
    # use additional Babel presets or plugins
    $ lsc compile src -d dist --presets react --plugins partial-application
    # do not use existing .babelrc file
    $ lsc compile src -d dist --no-babelrc
    # do not apply `babel-preset-env`
    $ lsc compile src -d dist --no-env-preset
    # look up a configuration file (ie. `lightscript.config.lsc`)
    $ lsc compile -c
    # specify a path to a configuration file
    $ lsc compile -c build/lightscript.config.lsc

    Aliases: c

    Note that, by default, lightscript-cli will use Babel's usual .babelrc lookup behavior, and merge this with its internally provided configuration. This means that if there is a .babelrc file present, those presets & plugins will be added after the relevant lightscript plugins. You can use the --no-babelrc flag to disable this.

    babel-preset-env is also applied by default, but can be disabled using the --no-env-preset flag.


    run LightScript code or files containing LightScript code (similar to node -e <code | file>)

    # evaluate the given code and output the result
    $ lsc eval "f = (x, y) -> x + y; f(1, 2)"
    # run the given file and output the result
    $ lsc eval build.js
    # same as above, using the `run` alias
    $ lsc run build.js

    Aliases: run, e


    kickstart a LightScript package

    This command currently has no function - input is needed as to how it should work and what it should do under various circumstances.

    See this issue to join the discussion.


    start an interactive REPL for evaluating LightScript code (similar to the node command)

    $ lsc repl
    > fn = (x, y) -> x + y
    'use strict'
    > fn(1, 2)

    Aliases: r

    configuration file

    Similar to webpack, you can create a config file for a more clear, reusable, & dynamic way to apply options. When passed the --config / -c flag without a parameter, lightscript-cli will search for a config file within the current working directory in the following order:

    1. lightscript.config.lsc
    2. lightscript.config.js
    3. lightscript.config.json

    Obviously, lightscript.config.lsc allows you to use LightScript syntax to define your configuration. For example:

    comments = process.env.NODE_ENV == 'development'
    export default {
      inputs: ['src/**/*''!src/*.spec.lsc']
      directory: ['dist']
      envPreset: false
      babel: {
        babelrc: false

    The above configuration allows you to run only lsc compile -c. The CLI would locate this file and compile the inputs into directory while not using babel-preset-env or any existing .babelrc.

    It also shows a tiny example of dynamic configuration by deciding whether or not to output comments based on environment.

    You can also specify a config file by passing a parameter with the flag:

    $ lsc compile -c build/compile-config.lsc

    see also

    • LightScript - the compile-to-JS language this tool is written in and for, leveraging Babel


    git clone
    cd lightscript-cli
    npm run build
    npm link

    This will make your local development copy available globally.


    Pull requests and any issues found are always welcome.

    1. Fork the project, and preferably create a branch named something like feat-make-better
    2. Modify as needed, where src contains the LightScript source of the project
    3. Make sure all tests continue to pass, and it never hurts to have more tests
    4. Push & pull request! 🎉


    MIT © Bo Lingen / citycide


    npm i lightscript-cli

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