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    npm version license CI - libnpmdiff The registry diff lib.

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    const libdiff = require('libnpmdiff')
    const patch = await libdiff([


    diff --git a/package.json b/package.json
    index v1.1.0..v1.1.1 100644
    --- a/package.json	
    +++ b/package.json	
    @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
       "name": "abbrev",
    -  "version": "1.1.0",
    +  "version": "1.1.1",
       "description": "Like ruby's abbrev module, but in js",
       "author": "Isaac Z. Schlueter <>",
       "main": "abbrev.js",


    $ npm install libnpmdiff


    The npm team enthusiastically welcomes contributions and project participation! There's a bunch of things you can do if you want to contribute! The Contributor Guide outlines the process for community interaction and contribution. Please don't hesitate to jump in if you'd like to, or even ask us questions if something isn't clear.

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    Happy hacking!


    > libnpmdif([ a, b ], [opts]) -> Promise<String>

    Fetches the registry tarballs and compare files between a spec a and spec b. npm spec types are usually described in <pkg-name>@<version> form but multiple other types are alsos supported, for more info on valid specs take a look at npm-package-arg.


    • color <Boolean>: Should add ANSI colors to string output? Defaults to false.
    • tagVersionPrefix <Sring>: What prefix should be used to define version numbers. Defaults to v
    • diffUnified <Number>: How many lines of code to print before/after each diff. Defaults to 3.
    • diffFiles <Array<String>>: If set only prints patches for the files listed in this array (also accepts globs). Defaults to undefined.
    • diffIgnoreAllSpace <Boolean>: Whether or not should ignore changes in whitespace (very useful to avoid indentation changes extra diff lines). Defaults to false.
    • diffNameOnly <Boolean>: Prints only file names and no patch diffs. Defaults to false.
    • diffNoPrefix <Boolean>: If true then skips printing any prefixes in filenames. Defaults to false.
    • diffSrcPrefix <String>: Prefix to be used in the filenames from a. Defaults to a/.
    • diffDstPrefix <String>: Prefix to be used in the filenames from b. Defaults to b/.
    • diffText <Boolean>: Should treat all files as text and try to print diff for binary files. Defaults to false.
    • ...cache, registry, where and other common options accepted by pacote

    Returns a Promise that fullfils with a String containing the resulting patch diffs.

    Throws an error if either a or b are missing or if trying to diff more than two specs.




    npm i libnpmdiff

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