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get a clean levelup instance for testing.


inject different level implementations (browser, leveldb, etc) into your tests.

Create a fresh db, with out refering to any fs or dom specifics, so that the same test can be used in the server or the browser!

var level = require('level-test')()
var db = level('foo', { encoding: 'json' })
var level = require('level-test')( { mem: true })
var db = level('foo', { encoding: 'json' })

Use whatever test framework you like!

A custom backend for levelup can be provided via the options object:

var hyper = require('leveldown-hyper')
var level = require('level-test')( { db: hyper })
var db = level('foo', { encoding: 'json' })

Currently supported options:

level(name, {
  clean: false, // do not delete database (defaults to true) 
  db: require('leveldown-hyper') // optional, defaults to leveldown 

configure leveldb settings via command line options/enviroment vars.