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connect middleware for stashing a csrf token in a level-session store


Connect middleware that implements csrf tokens backed by a level-session store. API-compatible with connect/csrf.

    var csrf = require('level-session-csrf');
    var sessiondb = require('level-session')(
        location: path.join(config.dbpath, 'sessions.db'),
        expire:   app.SESSION_TTL,
        keys:     config.secrets
    var app = express();

Then to add the token to the locals for any specific request:

response.render('template', { '_csrf': request.csrfToken() });

The middleware by default assumes that you are providing the token in a form or query parameter named _csrf, or in a request header called x-csrf-token or x-xsrf-token.

You can optionally pass an options object to csrf() to specify a custom value-checking function. The value-checking function is passed the request object, which it may inspect as it wishes. The function must return a token string. For instance, if you wanted to look at a custom form parameter instead of _csrf:

function customValue(request)
    return request.body.my_form_parameter;
var options = { 'value': customValue };