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npm package to install all NodeSchool workshoppers (except git-it which is an electron app and perfschool which requires node.js v0.10.x), because why not? We could easily add more courses in the future.



javascripting: Learn the basics of JavaScript. No previous programming experience required.

learnyounode: Learn the basics of node: asynchronous i/o, http.

How to npm: Learn how to use and create npm modules.

Elementary Electron: Make a desktop application using Node and Chromium with Electron.

stream-adventure: Learn to compose streaming interfaces with .pipe().

how-to-markdown: Learn how to start using Markdown — a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax.

learnyouhtml: Learn how to create your first web page.


Functional Javascript: Learn fundamental functional programming features of JavaScript in vanilla ES5.

Shader School: Learn the fundamentals of graphics programming using GLSL shaders.

Level Me Up Scotty!: Learn to use leveldb, a simple key/value store with a vibrant package.

Bytewiser: Learn how to manipulate binary data in node.js and HTML5 browsers.

ExpressWorks: Learn the basics of the Express.js framework.

Bug Clinic: Learn some new tools and techniques as you improve your debugging skills.

Make Me Hapi: Learn all about hapi through a series of challenges.

Browserify Adventure: Use npm modules and node-style require() in the browser with browserify.

Promise It Won't Hurt: Learn to use promises in JavaScript to handle async operations.

Intro to WebGL: Get started with three.js and WebGL.

Async You: Learn to use the async package.

Count to 6: Learn how to use some features from ES6, the next version of JavaScript.

NodeBot Workshop: Make robots with the johnny-five api.

Kick off Koa: Getting started with Koa, the next generation web framework for Node.js.

Going Native: An exploration of Node.js from the underside: native C++ add-ons.

LololoDash: Learn Lo-Dash (fork of underscore) to handle your arrays and objects simple!

Planet Proto: Understanding JavaScript Prototypes.

learnyoucouchdb: Learn about CouchDB - the database that completely embraces the web.

WebGL Workshop: Learn the basics of WebGL in small, manageable chunks.

learnuv: Learn uv for fun and profit, a self guided workshop to the library that powers Node.js.

ESNext Generation: Intro to ES6 Iterators, their use, and how they relate to Generators.

Learn Generators: An Intro to JavaScript ES6 Generators.

Test Anything: Learn to test your code.

learnyoureact: Let's learn React.js and server side rendering.

Tower of babel: Show you through a series of exercises that introduce you to ES6 features.

learnyoumongo: Getting started with MongoDB and Node.js.

Web Audio School: Learn the Web Audio API by completing a series of interactive lessons with a focus on music.

regex-adventure: Parse text with regular expressions.

torrential: A set of lessons to show you how to create a simple p2p bittorrent network.

learn-sass: Learn the basics of SASS.

Thinking in React: Learn React's philosophy by building a UI from scratch.

Pattern Lab Workshop: Learn the basics of Pattern Lab.

Post-mortem debugging: Learn how to use post-mortem debugging on SmartOS to efficiently debug Node.js applications in production.

learnyoubash: Learn you how to use the terminal and write your first Bash script.

Seneca in practice: Learn how to leverage SenecaJs microservice toolkit.

Currying in JavaScript: Learn currying concept and creating a currying function in JavaScript.

LESS is more: Learn the fundamentals of the LESS CSS preprocessor.

bacon-love: Learn concepts of Functional and Reactive Programming using the Bacon.js library.

JavaScript best practices: Learn the best practices of writing clean JavaScript code.

innersourceadventure: Learn about InnerSource software development.

Scope Chains & Closures: Learn the details of Scope, Scope Chains, Closures, and Garbage Collection.

Issues & features

Please report any issues or features suggestions about a specific workshoppers in their respective GitHub repository. For those related to this npm module, create an issue or submit a pr.

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