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    Leaflet.MousePosition is a simple mouse position control that you can drop into your leaflet map. It displays geographic coordinates of the mouse pointer, as it is moved about the map.


    Using the Mouse Position Control

    Insert the following line:


    Available Options:

    These are the available options:

    position: The standard Leaflet.Control position parameter. Defaults to 'bottomleft'

    separator: To separate longitude\latitude values. Defaults to ' : '

    emptystring: Initial text to display. Defaults to 'Unavailable'

    numDigits: Number of digits. Defaults to 5

    lngFirst: Weather to put the longitude first or not. Defaults to false

    lngFormatter: Custom function to format the longitude value. Argument: numerical longitude value. Return value: formatted string. Defaults to undefined.

    latFormatter: Custom function to format the latitude value. Argument: numerical latitude value. Return value: formatted string. Defaults to undefined.

    prefix: A string to be prepended to the coordinates. Defaults to the empty string ‘’.

    wrapLng: Controls if longitude values will be wrapped. Defaults to true.

    formatter: A custom function to format the entire value. Arguments: numerical longitude value, numerical latitude value. Return value: formatted string. Defaults to undefined. If defined will ignore: lngFirst, lngFormatter, latFormatter and prefix.

    Public Methods:

    These are the available methods:

    getLatLng: Request the last recorded cursor position, as a LatLng object.


    MIT License (MIT)


    npm i leaflet-mouse-position

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