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This package is made to simplify websocket useage throughout PHP laravel ratchet package.

You can check PHP laravel ratchet package here:


To install the package, run the following command:

npm i laravel-ratchet


Make new instance from Shama class:

let shama = new Shama();

By default, Shama class will start websocket with ws://localhost:8080 URL, if You want to change the URL you should send it as a parameter when make the instance:

let shama = new Shama(url);


The package philosophy is based on event listener, it is always expected to have event property on the returned json response from the server. The package will match the event sent from the server with the predefined listeners on the instance, then it will auto trigger the listener with a data parameter sent from the server, and you will continue from here !


If you want to use Auth class in laravel, you need to set your session id in Shama configuration, as following:

shama.session = $('input[name=session]').val();

You should have an input element with Session value in your HTML:

<input type="hidden" name="session" value="{{\Session::getId()}}">

Define listeners

You can define as many listener as you want by triggering the addListener method on Shama class:

shama.addListeners(event, method);

The event parameter is expected to be a string (the event name which sent from the server) and the method property is expected to be a function to trigger.

Send a message

to send a message, call the method send from Shama instance:


Default listeners

By default, Shama class will have these listeners:

Error listener

This listener will be triggered on error from PHP side.

Initialize Listener

When you make an instance from Shama class, it will open a websocket connection and make an initializing process, this process will till the socket "Hey I'm here !, Am ready to recieve messages !".

Default listener

If an event is sent without having a listener to catch it, default listener will be triggered.

Default listener

If an event is sent without having a listener to catch it, default listener will be triggered.


npm i laravel-ratchet

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