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    IndexedDB KeyStore

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    In-browser key management with IndexedDB and the Web Crypto API.

    Securely store and use keys for encryption, decryption, and signatures. IndexedDB and Web Crypto keep keys safe from malicious javascript.

    Supports both RSA (RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5 & RSA-OAEP) and Elliptic Curves (P-256, P-381 & P-521).

    ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) is only available on Chrome. Firefox and Safari do not support ECC and must use RSA. Specifically, this is an issue with storing ECC keys in IndexedDB


    Below is the default config and all possible values Note: these are given as primitives, but in Typescript you can use the included enums

    const defaultConfig = {
      type: 'ecc', // 'ecc' | 'rsa'
      curve: 'P-256', // 'P-256' | 'P-384' | 'P-521'
      rsaSize: 2048, // 1024 | 2048 | 4096
      symmAlg: 'AES-CTR', // 'AES-CTR' | 'AES-GCM' | 'AES-CBC'
      symmLen: 128, // 128 | 192 | 256
      hashAlg: 'SHA-256', // 'SHA-1' | 'SHA-256' | 'SHA-384' | 'SHA-512'
      charSize: 16, // 8 | 16
      storeName: 'keystore', // any string
      exchangeKeyName: 'exchange-key', // any string
      writeKeyName: 'write-key', // any string

    Note: if you don't include a crypto "type" ('ecc' | 'rsa'), the library will check if your browser supports ECC. If so (Chrome), it will use ECC, if not (Firefox, Safari) it will fall back to RSA.

    Example Usage

    import keystore from 'keystore-idb'
    async function run() {
      await keystore.clear()
      const ks1 = await keystore.init({ storeName: 'keystore' })
      const ks2 = await keystore.init({ storeName: 'keystore2' })
      const msg = "Incididunt id ullamco et do."
      // exchange keys and write keys are separate because of the Web Crypto API
      const exchangeKey1 = await ks1.publicExchangeKey()
      const writeKey1 = await ks1.publicWriteKey()
      const exchangeKey2 = await ks2.publicExchangeKey()
      // these keys get exported as strings
      console.log('exchangeKey1: ', exchangeKey1)
      console.log('writeKey1: ', writeKey1)
      console.log('exchangeKey2: ', exchangeKey2)
      const sig = await ks1.sign(msg)
      const valid = await ks2.verify(msg, sig, writeKey1)
      console.log('sig: ', sig)
      console.log('valid: ', valid)
      const cipher = await ks1.encrypt(msg, exchangeKey2)
      const decipher = await ks2.decrypt(cipher, exchangeKey1)
      console.log('cipher: ', cipher)
      console.log('decipher: ', decipher)


    # install dependencies
    # run development server
    yarn start
    # build
    yarn build
    # test
    yarn test
    # test w/ reloading
    yarn test:watch
    # publish (run this script instead of npm publish!)




    npm i keystore-idb

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