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    KeyCode Constants

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    A minimal JavaScript package with key code constants.


    # Using npm 
    $ npm install keycode-js --save
    # Using yarn 
    $ yarn add keycode-js
    # Using bower 
    $ bower install keycode-js --save


    Import the package using require() or ES / TypeScript import statement:

    // CommonJS
    const KeyCode = require('keycode-js');
    // ES2015+
    import * as KeyCode from 'keycode-js';
    // TypeScript
    import * as KeyCode from 'keycode-js';
    // Import individual constants
    import { KEY_RETURN } from 'keycode-js';

    Or, using <script> tag:

    <script src=""></script>


    window.addEventListener('keyup', function(e) {
      // You may do one of these checks.
      // Check the code value.
      if (e.code === KeyCode.CODE_RETURN) {
        console.log('It was the Return key.');
      // OR, check the keyCode value.
      if (e.keyCode === KeyCode.KEY_RETURN) {
        console.log('It was the Return key.');
      // OR, check the key value.
      if (e.key === KeyCode.VALUE_RETURN) {
        console.log('It was the Return key.');
      console.log('It was any other key.');

    Usage with Deno

    // Import all constants
    import * as KeyCode from '';
    // Import individual constants
    import { KEY_ENTER } from '';
    console.assert(KeyCode.KEY_ENTER === KEY_ENTER);

    Available Constants

    1. Key event code constants

    List of available constants that corresponds to the browser's KeyboardEvent.code attribute.


    Example usage

    window.addEventListener('keyup', function(e) {
      console.log('Enter Key:', (e.code === KeyCode.CODE_RETURN));


    Key Name Constant Value
    (Undefined) CODE_UNIDENTIFIED "Unidentified"
    Escape CODE_ESCAPE "Escape"
    Dash / Minus CODE_MINUS
    Equals CODE_EQUALS "Equal"
    Backspace CODE_BACK_SPACE "Backspace"
    Tab CODE_TAB "Tab"
    Return CODE_ENTER
    Shift (Left) CODE_SHIFT_LEFT "ShiftLeft"
    Shift (Right) CODE_SHIFT_RIGHT "ShiftRight"
    Control (Left) CODE_CONTROL_LEFT "ControlLeft"
    Control (Right) CODE_CONTROL_RIGHT "ControlRight"
    Alt (Left) CODE_ALT_LEFT "AltLeft"
    Alt (Right) CODE_ALT_RIGHT "AltRight"
    Pause CODE_PAUSE "Pause"
    Caps Lock CODE_CAPS_LOCK "CapsLock"
    Space CODE_SPACE "Space"
    Page Up CODE_PAGE_UP "PageUp"
    Page Down CODE_PAGE_DOWN "PageDown"
    End CODE_END "End"
    Home CODE_HOME "Home"
    Left CODE_LEFT "ArrowLeft"
    Up CODE_UP "ArrowUp"
    Right CODE_RIGHT "ArrowRight"
    Down CODE_DOWN "ArrowDown"
    Print Screen CODE_PRINTSCREEN "PrintScreen"
    Insert CODE_INSERT "Insert"
    Delete CODE_DELETE "Delete"
    0 CODE_0 "Digit0"
    1 CODE_1 "Digit1"
    2 CODE_2 "Digit2"
    3 CODE_3 "Digit3"
    4 CODE_4 "Digit4"
    5 CODE_5 "Digit5"
    6 CODE_6 "Digit6"
    7 CODE_7 "Digit7"
    8 CODE_8 "Digit8"
    9 CODE_9 "Digit9"
    A CODE_A "KeyA"
    B CODE_B "KeyB"
    C CODE_C "KeyC"
    D CODE_D "KeyD"
    E CODE_E "KeyE"
    F CODE_F "KeyF"
    G CODE_G "KeyG"
    H CODE_H "KeyH"
    I CODE_I "KeyI"
    J CODE_J "KeyJ"
    K CODE_K "KeyK"
    L CODE_L "KeyL"
    M CODE_M "KeyM"
    N CODE_N "KeyN"
    O CODE_O "KeyO"
    P CODE_P "KeyP"
    Q CODE_Q "KeyQ"
    R CODE_R "KeyR"
    S CODE_S "KeyS"
    T CODE_T "KeyT"
    U CODE_U "KeyU"
    V CODE_V "KeyV"
    W CODE_W "KeyW"
    X CODE_X "KeyX"
    Y CODE_Y "KeyY"
    Z CODE_Z "KeyZ"
    Cmd ⌘ / Window (Left) CODE_META_LEFT "MetaLeft"
    Cmd ⌘ / Window (Left) CODE_OS_LEFT "OSLeft"
    Cmd ⌘ / Window (Right) CODE_META_RIGHT "MetaRight"
    Cmd ⌘ / Window (Right) CODE_OS_RIGHT "OSRight"
    Context Menu CODE_CONTEXT_MENU "ContextMenu"
    Numpad 0 CODE_NUMPAD0 "Numpad0"
    Numpad 1 CODE_NUMPAD1 "Numpad1"
    Numpad 2 CODE_NUMPAD2 "Numpad2"
    Numpad 3 CODE_NUMPAD3 "Numpad3"
    Numpad 4 CODE_NUMPAD4 "Numpad4"
    Numpad 5 CODE_NUMPAD5 "Numpad5"
    Numpad 6 CODE_NUMPAD6 "Numpad6"
    Numpad 7 CODE_NUMPAD7 "Numpad7"
    Numpad 8 CODE_NUMPAD8 "Numpad8"
    Numpad 9 CODE_NUMPAD9 "Numpad9"
    Multiply CODE_NUMPAD_MULTIPLY "NumpadMultiply"
    Add CODE_NUMPAD_ADD "NumpadAdd"
    Subtract CODE_NUMPAD_SUBTRACT "NumpadSubtract"
    Decimal CODE_NUMPAD_DECIMAL "NumpadDecimal"
    Divide CODE_NUMPAD_DIVIDE "NumpadDivide"
    Numpad Enter CODE_NUMPAD_ENTER "NumpadEnter"
    F1 CODE_F1 "F1"
    F2 CODE_F2 "F2"
    F3 CODE_F3 "F3"
    F4 CODE_F4 "F4"
    F5 CODE_F5 "F5"
    F6 CODE_F6 "F6"
    F7 CODE_F7 "F7"
    F8 CODE_F8 "F8"
    F9 CODE_F9 "F9"
    F10 CODE_F10 "F10"
    F11 CODE_F11 "F11"
    F12 CODE_F12 "F12"
    F13 CODE_F13 "F13"
    F14 CODE_F14 "F14"
    F15 CODE_F15 "F15"
    F16 CODE_F16 "F16"
    F17 CODE_F17 "F17"
    F18 CODE_F18 "F18"
    F19 CODE_F19 "F19"
    F20 CODE_F20 "F20"
    F21 CODE_F21 "F21"
    F22 CODE_F22 "F22"
    F23 CODE_F23 "F23"
    F24 CODE_F24 "F24"
    Num Lock CODE_NUM_LOCK "NumLock"
    Scroll Lock CODE_SCROLL_LOCK "ScrollLock"
    Semicolon CODE_SEMICOLON "Semicolon"
    Comma CODE_COMMA "Comma"
    Period CODE_PERIOD "Period"
    Slash CODE_SLASH "Slash"
    Back Quote CODE_BACK_QUOTE "Backquote"
    Open Bracket CODE_OPEN_BRACKET "BracketLeft"
    Back Slash CODE_BACK_SLASH "Backslash"
    Close Bracket CODE_CLOSE_BRACKET "BracketRight"
    Quote CODE_QUOTE "Quote"

    2. Key code constants (numeric)

    List of available numeric constants that corresponds to the browser's KeyboardEvent.keyCode attribute.


    Example usage

    window.addEventListener('keyup', function(e) {
      console.log('Enter Key:', (e.keyCode === KeyCode.KEY_RETURN));


    Key Name Constant Value
    Cancel KEY_CANCEL 3
    Help KEY_HELP 6
    Backspace KEY_BACK_SPACE 8
    Tab KEY_TAB 9
    Clear KEY_CLEAR 12
    Return KEY_RETURN 13
    Enter (Firefox) KEY_FIREFOX_ENTER 14
    Shift KEY_SHIFT 16
    Control KEY_CONTROL 17
    Alt KEY_ALT 18
    Pause KEY_PAUSE 19
    Caps Lock KEY_CAPS_LOCK 20
    Escape KEY_ESCAPE 27
    Space KEY_SPACE 32
    Page up KEY_PAGE_UP 33
    Page down KEY_PAGE_DOWN 34
    End KEY_END 35
    Home KEY_HOME 36
    Left KEY_LEFT 37
    Up KEY_UP 38
    Right KEY_RIGHT 39
    Down KEY_DOWN 40
    Print Screen KEY_PRINTSCREEN 44
    Insert KEY_INSERT 45
    Delete KEY_DELETE 46
    0 KEY_0 48
    1 KEY_1 49
    2 KEY_2 50
    3 KEY_3 51
    4 KEY_4 52
    5 KEY_5 53
    6 KEY_6 54
    7 KEY_7 55
    8 KEY_8 56
    9 KEY_9 57
    Semicolon (Firefox) KEY_FIREFOX_SEMICOLON 59
    Equals (Firefox) KEY_FIREFOX_EQUALS 61
    A KEY_A 65
    B KEY_B 66
    C KEY_C 67
    D KEY_D 68
    E KEY_E 69
    F KEY_F 70
    G KEY_G 71
    H KEY_H 72
    I KEY_I 73
    J KEY_J 74
    K KEY_K 75
    L KEY_L 76
    M KEY_M 77
    N KEY_N 78
    O KEY_O 79
    P KEY_P 80
    Q KEY_Q 81
    R KEY_R 82
    S KEY_S 83
    T KEY_T 84
    U KEY_U 85
    V KEY_V 86
    W KEY_W 87
    X KEY_X 88
    Y KEY_Y 89
    Z KEY_Z 90
    Left ⌘ / Window KEY_LEFT_CMD 91
    Right ⌘ / Window KEY_RIGHT_CMD 92
    Context Menu KEY_CONTEXT_MENU 93
    Numpad 0 KEY_NUMPAD0 96
    Numpad 1 KEY_NUMPAD1 97
    Numpad 2 KEY_NUMPAD2 98
    Numpad 3 KEY_NUMPAD3 99
    Numpad 4 KEY_NUMPAD4 100
    Numpad 5 KEY_NUMPAD5 101
    Numpad 6 KEY_NUMPAD6 102
    Numpad 7 KEY_NUMPAD7 103
    Numpad 8 KEY_NUMPAD8 104
    Numpad 9 KEY_NUMPAD9 105
    Multiply KEY_MULTIPLY 106
    Add KEY_ADD 107
    Separator (Firefox) KEY_FIREFOX_SEPARATOR 108
    Subtract KEY_SUBTRACT 109
    Decimal KEY_DECIMAL 110
    Divide KEY_DIVIDE 111
    F1 KEY_F1 112
    F2 KEY_F2 113
    F3 KEY_F3 114
    F4 KEY_F4 115
    F5 KEY_F5 116
    F6 KEY_F6 117
    F7 KEY_F7 118
    F8 KEY_F8 119
    F9 KEY_F9 120
    F10 KEY_F10 121
    F11 KEY_F11 122
    F12 KEY_F12 123
    F13 KEY_F13 124
    F14 KEY_F14 125
    F15 KEY_F15 126
    F16 KEY_F16 127
    F17 KEY_F17 128
    F18 KEY_F18 129
    F19 KEY_F19 130
    F20 KEY_F20 131
    F21 KEY_F21 132
    F22 KEY_F22 133
    F23 KEY_F23 134
    F24 KEY_F24 135
    Num Lock KEY_NUM_LOCK 144
    Scroll Lock KEY_SCROLL_LOCK 145
    Semicolon KEY_SEMICOLON 186
    Equals KEY_EQUALS 187
    Comma KEY_COMMA 188
    Dash KEY_DASH 189
    Period KEY_PERIOD 190
    Slash KEY_SLASH 191
    Back Quote KEY_BACK_QUOTE 192
    Open Bracket KEY_OPEN_BRACKET 219
    Back Slash KEY_BACK_SLASH 220
    Close Bracket KEY_CLOSE_BRACKET 221
    Quote KEY_QUOTE 222
    Meta (Firefox) KEY_FIREFOX_META 224

    3. Key value constants

    List of available constants that corresponds to the browser's KeyboardEvent.key attribute.

    Example usage

    window.addEventListener('keyup', function(e) {
      console.log('Enter Key:', (e.key === KeyCode.VALUE_RETURN));


    Key Name Constant Value
    Cancel VALUE_CANCEL "Cancel"
    Help VALUE_HELP "Help"
    Backspace VALUE_BACK_SPACE "Backspace"
    Tab VALUE_TAB "Tab"
    Clear VALUE_CLEAR "Clear"
    Return VALUE_ENTER
    Shift VALUE_SHIFT "Shift"
    Control VALUE_CONTROL "Control"
    Alt VALUE_ALT "Alt"
    Pause VALUE_PAUSE "Pause"
    Caps Lock VALUE_CAPS_LOCK "CapsLock"
    Escape VALUE_ESCAPE "Escape"
    Space VALUE_SPACE " "
    Page up VALUE_PAGE_UP "PageUp"
    Page down VALUE_PAGE_DOWN "PageDown"
    End VALUE_END "End"
    Home VALUE_HOME "Home"
    Left VALUE_LEFT "ArrowLeft"
    Up VALUE_UP "ArrowUp"
    Right VALUE_RIGHT "ArrowRight"
    Down VALUE_DOWN "ArrowDown"
    Print Screen VALUE_PRINTSCREEN "PrintScreen"
    Insert VALUE_INSERT "Insert"
    Delete VALUE_DELETE "Delete"
    0 VALUE_0 "0"
    1 VALUE_1 "1"
    2 VALUE_2 "2"
    3 VALUE_3 "3"
    4 VALUE_4 "4"
    5 VALUE_5 "5"
    6 VALUE_6 "6"
    7 VALUE_7 "7"
    8 VALUE_8 "8"
    9 VALUE_9 "9"
    A VALUE_A "a"
    B VALUE_B "b"
    C VALUE_C "c"
    D VALUE_D "d"
    E VALUE_E "e"
    F VALUE_F "f"
    G VALUE_G "g"
    H VALUE_H "h"
    I VALUE_I "i"
    J VALUE_J "j"
    K VALUE_K "k"
    L VALUE_L "l"
    M VALUE_M "m"
    N VALUE_N "n"
    O VALUE_O "o"
    P VALUE_P "p"
    Q VALUE_Q "q"
    R VALUE_R "r"
    S VALUE_S "s"
    T VALUE_T "t"
    U VALUE_U "u"
    V VALUE_V "v"
    W VALUE_W "w"
    X VALUE_X "x"
    Y VALUE_Y "y"
    Z VALUE_Z "z"
    Cmd ⌘ / Window VALUE_META
    Context Menu VALUE_CONTEXT_MENU "ContextMenu"
    Numpad 0 VALUE_NUMPAD0 "0"
    Numpad 1 VALUE_NUMPAD1 "1"
    Numpad 2 VALUE_NUMPAD2 "2"
    Numpad 3 VALUE_NUMPAD3 "3"
    Numpad 4 VALUE_NUMPAD4 "4"
    Numpad 5 VALUE_NUMPAD5 "5"
    Numpad 6 VALUE_NUMPAD6 "6"
    Numpad 7 VALUE_NUMPAD7 "7"
    Numpad 8 VALUE_NUMPAD8 "8"
    Numpad 9 VALUE_NUMPAD9 "9"
    Multiply VALUE_MULTIPLY "*"
    Add VALUE_ADD "+"
    Subtract VALUE_SUBTRACT "-"
    Decimal VALUE_DECIMAL "."
    Divide VALUE_DIVIDE "/"
    F1 VALUE_F1 "F1"
    F2 VALUE_F2 "F2"
    F3 VALUE_F3 "F3"
    F4 VALUE_F4 "F4"
    F5 VALUE_F5 "F5"
    F6 VALUE_F6 "F6"
    F7 VALUE_F7 "F7"
    F8 VALUE_F8 "F8"
    F9 VALUE_F9 "F9"
    F10 VALUE_F10 "F10"
    F11 VALUE_F11 "F11"
    F12 VALUE_F12 "F12"
    F13 VALUE_F13 "F13"
    F14 VALUE_F14 "F14"
    F15 VALUE_F15 "F15"
    F16 VALUE_F16 "F16"
    F17 VALUE_F17 "F17"
    F18 VALUE_F18 "F18"
    F19 VALUE_F19 "F19"
    F20 VALUE_F20 "F20"
    F21 VALUE_F21 "F21"
    F22 VALUE_F22 "F22"
    F23 VALUE_F23 "F23"
    F24 VALUE_F24 "F24"
    Num Lock VALUE_NUM_LOCK "NumLock"
    Scroll Lock VALUE_SCROLL_LOCK "ScrollLock"
    Semicolon VALUE_SEMICOLON ";"
    Equals VALUE_EQUALS "="
    Comma VALUE_COMMA ","
    Dash VALUE_DASH "-"
    Period VALUE_PERIOD "."
    Slash VALUE_SLASH "/"
    Back Quote VALUE_BACK_QUOTE "`"
    Open Bracket VALUE_OPEN_BRACKET "("
    Back Slash VALUE_BACK_SLASH "\"
    Close Bracket VALUE_CLOSE_BRACKET ")"
    Quote VALUE_QUOTE "'"


    All kinds of contributions are welcome. Please feel free to propose PRs, report issues and suggestions to improve.


    Check the CHANGELOG for full release history.



    This package is licensed under the MIT License.


    npm i keycode-js

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