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This is a node.js package for finding and navigating grapheme relations for Japanese Kanji. If you don't know what that means, consider the notion that 休 looks like a combination of ⺅ and 木. That's the kind of thing we're talking about.


npm install kanji-relations


var relations = require('kanji-relations');


.get(kanji) -> object

gets a kanji's information

.getParents(kanji) -> array[string]

gets all parents that build a particular kanji

.getChildren(kanji) -> array[string]

gets all kanji that can be formed with this kanji

.getChildren(kanji1, kanji2, ...) -> array[string]

gets all kanji that can be formed with all indicated parents. This is essentially the union of the arrays that result from calling get(kanji) for each kanji in the argument list.


var lib = require("kanji-relationships");
console.log("children for ⺅: ", lib.getChildren("⺅").join(","));
console.log("children for 木: ", lib.getChildren("木").join(","));
console.log("children for both ⺅ and 木: ", lib.getChildren("⺅","木"));
console.log("relationship information for 休: ", lib.get("休"));