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The NPM package juice-shop-ctf-cli lets you create a list of INSERT statements for the CTFd database that will populate the platform for a Capture the Flag event using OWASP Juice Shop.

Setup npm npm

npm install -g juice-shop-ctf-cli


Open a command line and run:


Then simply follow the instructions of the command line tool:


Populating the CTFd database

Apply the generated insert-ctfd-challenges.sql following the steps describing your own CTFd setup.

Default setup (including SQLite database)

  1. Get CTFd with git clone
  2. Perform steps 1 and 3 from the CTFd installation instructions.
  3. Use your favourite SQLite client to connect to the CTFd database and execute the INSERT statements you created.
  4. Browse to your CTFd instance UI (by default and create an admin user and CTF name

docker-compose setup (including MySQL container)

  1. Setup Docker host and Docker compose.

  2. Follow steps 2-4 from the CTFd Docker setup to download the source code, create containers and start them.

  3. After running docker-compose up from previous step, you should be able to browse to your CTFd instance UI (<<docker host IP>>:8000 by default) and create an admin user and CTF name.

  4. Once you have done this, run docker-compose down or use Ctrl-C to shut down CTFd. Note: Unlike a usual Docker container, data will persist even afterwards.

  5. Add the following section to the docker-compose.yml file and then run docker-compose up again:

      - "3306:3306"
  6. Use your favourite MySQL client to connect to the CTFd database (default credentials are root with no password) and execute the INSERT statements you created.

  7. Browse back to your CTFd instance UI and check everything has worked correctly.

  8. If everything has worked, do another docker-compose down, remove the ports section you added to docker-compose.yml and then do docker-compose up again and you are ready to go!


CTFd challenge overview

CTFd challenge details

Troubleshooting Gitter

If you need help with the application setup please check the Troubleshooting section below or post your specific problem or question in the official Gitter Chat.

  • If using Docker Toolbox on Windows make sure that you also enable port forwarding for all required ports from Host to for TCP in the default VM's network adapter in VirtualBox. For CTFd you need ports 8000 permanantly and 3306 during setup.

Contributing GitHub contributors Stories in Ready

Found a bug? Got an idea for enhancement? Improvement for cheating prevention?

Feel free to create an issue or post your ideas in the chat! Pull requests are also highly welcome - please refer to for details.


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PayPal donations via above button go to the OWASP Foundations and are earmarked for "Juice Shop". This is the preferred way to support the project.


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This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT license. OWASP Juice Shop and any contributions are Copyright © by Bjoern Kimminich 2016-2017.

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