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A JSON to Markdown converter.

If you're looking to use this on the client side, that's also possible. Check out the dist directory.

☁️ Installation

# Using npm 
npm install --save json2md
# Using yarn 
yarn add json2md

📋 Example

const json2md = require("json2md")
    { h1: "JSON To Markdown" }
  , { blockquote: "A JSON to Markdown converter." }
  , { img: [
        { title: "Some image", source: "" }
      , { title: "Another image", source: "" }
      , { title: "Yet another image", source: "" }
  , { h2: "Features" }
  , { ul: [
        "Easy to use"
      , "You can programmatically generate Markdown content"
      , "..."
  , { h2: "How to contribute" }
  , { ol: [
        "Fork the project"
      , "Create your branch"
      , "Raise a pull request"
  , { h2: "Code blocks" }
  , { p: "Below you can see a code block example." }
  , { "code": {
        language: "js"
      , content: [
          "function sum (a, b) {"
        , "   return a + b"
        , "}"
        , "sum(1, 2)"
// =>
// # JSON To Markdown
// > A JSON to Markdown converter.
// ![Some image](
// ![Another image](
// ![Yet another image](
// ## Features
//  - Easy to use
//  - You can programmatically generate Markdown content
//  - ...
// ## How to contribute
//  1. Fork the project
//  2. Create your branch
//  3. Raise a pull request
// ## Code blocks
// Below you can see a code block example.
// ```js
// function sum (a, b) {
//    return a + b
// }
// sum(1, 2)
// ```

❓ Get Help

There are few ways to get help:

  1. Please post questions on Stack Overflow. You can open issues with questions, as long you add a link to your Stack Overflow question.

  2. For bug reports and feature requests, open issues. 🐛

  3. For direct and quick help, you can use Codementor. 🚀

📝 Documentation

json2md(data, prefix)

Converts a JSON input to markdown.

Supported elements

Type Element Data Example
h1 Heading 1 The heading text as string. { h1: "heading 1" }
h2 Heading 2 The heading text as string. { h2: "heading 2" }
h3 Heading 3 The heading text as string. { h3: "heading 3" }
h4 Heading 4 The heading text as string. { h4: "heading 4" }
h5 Heading 5 The heading text as string. { h5: "heading 5" }
h6 Heading 6 The heading text as string. { h6: "heading 6" }
p Paragraphs The paragraph text as string or array (multiple paragraphs). { p: "Hello World"} or multiple paragraphs: { p: ["Hello", "World"] }
blockquote Blockquote The blockquote as string or array (multiple blockquotes) { blockquote: "Hello World"} or multiple blockquotes: { blockquote: ["Hello", "World"] }
img Image An object or an array of objects containing the title and source fields. { img: { title: "My image title", source: "" } }
ul Unordered list An array of strings representing the items. { ul: ["item 1", "item 2"] }
ol Ordered list An array of strings representing the items. { ol: ["item 1", "item 2"] }
code Code block element An object containing the language (String) and content (Array or String) fields. { code: { "language": "html", "content": "<script src='dummy.js'></script>" } }
table Table An object containing the headers (Array of Strings) and rows (Array of Arrays or Objects). { table: { headers: ["a", "b"], rows: [{ a: "col1", b: "col2" }] } } or { table: { headers: ["a", "b"], rows: [["col1", "col2"]] } }
link Link An object containing the title and the url fields.

You can extend the json2md.converters object to support your custom types.

json2md.converters.sayHello = function (input, json2md) {
   return "Hello " + input + "!"

Then you can use it:

json2md({ sayHello: "World" })
// => "Hello World!"


  • Array|Object|String data: The input JSON data.
  • String prefix: A snippet to add before each line.


  • String The generated markdown result.



  • Array|Object|String data: The input JSON data.
  • String prefix: A snippet to add before each line.


  • Promise.<String, Error> The generated markdown result.

😋 How to contribute

Have an idea? Found a bug? See how to contribute.

💖 Support my projects

I open-source almost everything I can, and I try to reply to everyone needing help using these projects. Obviously, this takes time. You can integrate and use these projects in your applications for free! You can even change the source code and redistribute (even resell it).

However, if you get some profit from this or just want to encourage me to continue creating stuff, there are few ways you can do it:

  • Starring and sharing the projects you like 🚀

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Thanks! ❤️

💫 Where is this library used?

If you are using this library in one of your projects, add it in this list. ✨

  • bookmark2md (by acery)—convert your safari bookmark to markdown or json format
  • component-docs-2md—Using (react-docgen)[], this module creates docs for your react components folder according to this format:
  • doc-cli (by CNIO)—doc generator for nodejs
  • gatsby-source-google-docs (by Cédric Delpoux)—Gatsby plugin to use google-docs as a data source
  • gitdox (by Daniel Bastos)—jsdoc-based github readme generator
  • jumia-travel-changelog (by José Santos)—This tool is meant to automatize the process of creating and maintening a file. Based on github pull requests and milestones it will report a complete list of releases with all events. All future milestones are considered future releases.
  • lambda-docs-2md—Using jsdoc comments, this module creates docs for your aws lambda folder according to this format:
  • machine-ip—Update your public ip information in a git repository.
  • make-postgres-markdown (by Caleb Brewer)—Builds Slate compatible markdown from a Postgres connection
  • mokker (by Andrei Fidelman)—Simple Rest API mock server
  • p2doc (by jeremaihloo)—A generator to convert postman collections into api docs
  • pantheon_site_management—CLI Utility to aide in management of Pantheon organizations
  • rap2doc (by ganl)—rap2 接口导出Markdown
  • reposier (by Alex Lee)—Tasty CLI on the outside, simple integration with GitHub's API on the inside.
  • rober19-config (by Rober19)—config - att: rober19
  • terraform2md (by Bryan LOT)—Generate the Markdown from a terraform.tfstate file.
  • utterance-to-markdown (by Shaun Warman)—A simple utterance file to markdown text parser
  • uxcore-tools (by eternalsky)—development tools for uxcoreI am using this library to generate documentation for my projects, being integrated with blah.

📜 License

MIT © Ionică Bizău


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