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jsNG is a small JavaScript library for reading Norton GUide database files. It also contains a handful of command line utility tools for looking inside guides, including ngserve, a simple Norton Guide web server.

This is still a bit of a work-in-progress. It is, in part, my "Hello, World" for getting to know ES6-ish ways of coding, and also seeing what's possible with node (which I've never used before to write CLI tools).

The code itself is mostly based on what I wrote for the WEGLib library that forms part of weg.

I don't offer this as good ES6 code. I don't offer this as good code at all. At the moment I'm also not really considering taking contributions to the code as this is still a pet project.

Anyone looking for background documentation for the format of Norton Guide files might find my page of documentation about it useful.


lib/jsNG*.js - The main jsNG library code. See the docs for details on how to use it.

bin/ngabout -- Tool to get the credits for one or more Norton Guide files.

bin/ngdir -- Simple tool to show a directory of Norton Guide files. Shows the name, the type and the title of each guide.

bin/ngserve -- Simple Norton Guide database server. By default it serves all of the guides named on the command line on localhost:8080.

bin/ng2html -- Simple tool for turning a Norton Guide file into a collection of HTML files.

Make targets

The top level directory contains a Makefile. The most useful targets are:

make tests -- Runs a simple test (found in test/) to ensure some of the core functions of jsNG are working fine.

make dump -- Runs bin/ngdump on a test guide.

make dir -- Runs bin/ngdir on the test guides.

make about -- Runs bin/ngabout on a test guide.

make serve -- Runs bin/ngserve on the test guides.

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