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    Jscrambler Metro Plugin

    This metro plugin protects your React Native bundle using Jscrambler.

    Version Compatibility

    The version's compatibility table match your Jscrambler Version with the Jscrambler Metro Plugin. Please make sure you install the right version, otherwise some functionalities might not work properly.

    Jscrambler Version Client and Integrations
    <= 7.1 <= 5.x.x
    >= 7.2 >= 6.0.0


    Include the plugin in your metro.config.js and add the following code:

    const {resolve} = require('path');
    const jscramblerMetroPlugin = require('jscrambler-metro-plugin')(
      /* optional */
        enable: true,
        ignoreFile: resolve(__dirname, '.jscramblerignore'),
        params: [
            name: 'selfDefending',
            options: {
              threshold: 1
    module.exports = jscramblerMetroPlugin;

    You can pass your Jscrambler configuration using the plugin parameter or using the usual .jscramblerrc file.

    If you use a different location for the .jscramblerignore file, you can use the ignoreFile option to tell Jscrambler the path to the file. Otherwise, if a .jscramblerignore file is found in a project root folder, it will be considered. You can find more information and examples in Ignoring Files.

    By default, Jscrambler protection is ignored when bundle mode is set for Development. You can override this behavior by setting env variable JSCRAMBLER_METRO_DEV=true


    npm i jscrambler-metro-plugin

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