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Adds conditional compilation and compile-time variable replacement support to brunch.

jscc-brunch is not a transpiler, it is a wrapper of jscc, a tiny and powerful, language agnostic file preprocessor that uses JavaScript to transform text based on expressions at compile time.

With jscc, you have:

  • Conditional inclusion/exclusion of blocks, based on compile-time variables*
  • Compile-time variables with all the power of JavaScript expressions
  • Replacement of variables in the sources, by its value at compile-time
  • Sourcemap support, useful for JavaScript sources.
  • TypeScript v3 definitions


From v2.8.3, the generation of source map is disabled by default to solve issues with many plugins that does not supports chained source maps. With sourceMaps disabled, jscc will only keep the correct line numbers.

Please read more about this in Using Source Maps.


Install the plugin via npm with npm i jscc-brunch -D.

or, do manual install:

  • Add "jscc-brunch": "~x.y.z" to package.json of your brunch app.
  • If you want to use git version of plugin, use the GitHub URI "jscc-brunch": "aMarCruz/jscc-brunch".


In brunch the order matters and jscc is a preprocessor, so please put it before compilers in the devDependencies of your package.json.

Set the options in your brunch-config file:

  plugins: {
    jscc: {
      values: {
        _DEBUG: 1,
        _MYAPP: 'My App' }

Use it:

/*#if _DEBUG
const mylib = require('mylib-debug');
//#else */
const mylib = require('mylib');
mylib.log('Starting $_MYAPP v$_VERSION...');


const mylib = require('mylib-debug');
mylib.log('Starting My App v1.0.0...');

That's it.

* jscc has two predefined memvars: _FILE and _VERSION, in addition to giving access to the environment variables through the nodejs proccess.env object.

See Syntax in the jscc wiki for information about templating.


Plain JavaScript object, with all properties optional.

Name Type Description
escapeQuotes string String with the type of quotes to escape in the output of strings: 'single', 'double' or 'both'. This has no default.
prefixes string | RegExp |
The start of a directive. That is the characters before the '#', usually the start of comments.
Default '//', '/*', '<!--' (with one optional space after them).
values object Plain object defining the variables used by jscc at compile-time.
ignore anymatch Specify which files in your project should not be processed.
Default /^(bower_components|node_modules|vendor)\//
pattern RegExp Regular expression that matches the file paths you want to process.
Default /\.(js|ts)x?$/
sourceMaps boolean Enable the generation of sourcemap (if sourceMaps:true in your brunch config).
Default false
sourceMapFor anymatch Files for which sourcemap must be generated if sourceMaps:true.
Default JavaScript/TypeScript files.

Using Source Maps

You can enable the generation of sourcemap if your are not using JS compilers or your compiler can merge sourcemaps*:

  plugins: {
    jscc: {
      sourceMaps: true,        // enable sourcemap generation in jscc
      sourceMapFor: /\.js$/,   // allows sourcemap for .js files only
      values: {
        _DEBUG: 1,
        _MYAPP: 'My App'

Even with sourceMaps: true, sourcemap generation is limited to JavaScript/TypeScript files. You can change this with anymatchs through the sourceMapFor option.

* The jscc plugin does support merging sourcemaps.


You can read in the jscc Wiki about:

What's New

  • Date and RegExp types outputs its stringified value (same behavior of the strings).
  • The pattern option defaults to .js, .jsx, .ts and .tsx extensions.
  • New option escapeQuotes.
  • Optimized ouput of property values, now you can use more than one property.
  • Using jscc v1.1.0

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The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016-2018 Alberto Martínez

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