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    JS Data Structures and Algorithms

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    JavaScript implementations of common data structure and algorithm concepts.


    The purpose of this project is to help others learn and understand data structures and algorithms from a JavaScript perspective. Rather than containing only snippets of code with accompanying explanations, this project is meant to provide an eager learner with fully working code, good test cases, and a playground full of examples.

    While the primary purpose of this project is education, the data structures and algorithms are implemented here as real working code and can be used as such. This project is published on npm as js-data-structures-and-algorithms.


    Demos can be found at: http://tylerhawkins.info/js-data-structures-and-algorithms/storybook-dist

    Data Structures


    Searching (Array)

    Searching (String)

    Searching (Tree and Graph)

    • Breadth-First Search (TODO)
    • Depth-First Search (TODO)



    Running the Demos Locally

    To run the Storybook examples locally on your own machine, follow these steps:

    1. Clone or download this repo
    2. Install the needed dependencies using yarn install
    3. Start up the Storybook app using yarn storybook

    That's it! The Storybook app should start running at your localhost on port 9009, and the browser tab should be opened for you automatically.

    Using the npm Package in Your App

    To use these data structures and algorithms in your own app, follow these steps:

    1. Install the npm package using yarn add js-data-structures-and-algorithms (or npm install js-data-structures-and-algorithms)
    2. Import any of the exported modules like import { Stack } from 'js-data-structures-and-algorithms'
    3. At this point, you're good to instantiate these classes (ex. const myStack = new Stack()) and use their methods in your app (ex. myStack.push(42)).

    Yarn Commands

    For a complete list, see package.json.

    • yarn install: Installs dependencies
    • yarn storybook: Starts up the Storybook app locally so you can view the demos and examples
    • yarn build-storybook: Builds a static site out of the Storybook app (this is what is hosted here: http://tylerhawkins.info/js-data-structures-and-algorithms/storybook-dist)
    • yarn build: Generates the minified build from the source code using Rollup
    • yarn test: Runs all tests
    • yarn test:coverage: Runs all tests and includes coverage report
    • yarn test:logs: Runs tests in watch mode and includes console log output to show the internals of what is going on during each iteration of algorithms being run (for instance, it shows the current state of an array that is being sorted during each step of the given algorithm)
    • yarn test:watch: Runs tests in watch mode
    • yarn prettier: Formats the code so you don't have to worry about white space and other formatting during development
    • yarn prettier-watch: Runs prettier in watch mode
    • yarn eslint: Runs eslint to lint JS files
    • yarn stylelint: Lints CSS files and auto-fixes issues where possible
    • yarn cz: Uses commitizen to walk you through some steps via the cli and then commits your code using a formatted commit message that it generates
    • yarn release: Bumps the package version and generates the changelog using standard-version


    Please see the Contributing Guidelines.

    Code of Conduct

    The Code of Conduct can be found here.


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