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RWD Freeze Table

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RWD Table with freezing head and columns for jQuery


  • Freeze the head rows and columns for large table with RWD

  • Optional features such as Freeze Scroll Bar

  • Namespace support for multiple tables





This library requires the following:

  • jQuery 1.11.0+ | 2.0+ | 3.0+


Bower Installation

bower install jquery-freeze-table

You could also download by NPM or directly copy dist assets.

Assets include

Add JavaScript file either to the <head>, or to the bottom of <body>

<script type="text/javascript" src="dist/js/freeze-table.js"></script>


Add the classes .table to the tables as usual when using Bootstrap, then wrap them with a identity such as .freeze-table

<div class="freeze-table">
  <table class="table">

Initailize via JavaScript

You can initialize Freeze Table by jQuery extension call:

   $(function() {

Or initialize an element by newing object from Freeze Table class:

   $(function() {
      new FreezeTable('.freeze-table', {});

The parameter {} is options configuration


Options could be passed via JavaScript with object.

Name Type Default Description
freezeHead boolean true Enable to freeze <thead>
freezeColumn boolean true Enable to freeze column(s)
freezeColumnHead boolean true Enable to freeze column(s) head (Entire column)
scrollBar boolean false Enable fixed scrollBar for X axis
fixedNavbar string|jQuery|Element '.navbar-fixed-top' Fixed navbar deviation consideration. Example: '#navbar'
scrollable boolean false Enable Scrollable mode for inner scroll Y axis
fastMode boolean false Enable Fast mode for better performance but less accuracy
namespace string 'freeze-table' Table namespace for unbind
container string|jQuery|Element false Specify a document role element that contains the table. Default container is window. This option is particularly useful in that it allows you to position the table in the flow of the document near the triggering element - which will make the freeze table support in containers such as Bootstrap Modal. Example: '#myModal'
columnNum integer 1 The number of column(s) for freeze
columnKeep boolean false Freeze column(s) will always be displayed to support interactive table
columnBorderWidth interger 1 The addon border width for freeze column(s)
columnWrapStyles object null Customized CSS styles for freeze column(s) wrap. {'style': 'value'}
headWrapStyles object null Customized CSS styles for freeze head(s) wrap. {'style': 'value'}
columnHeadWrapStyles object null Customized CSS styles for freeze column-head wrap. {'style': 'value'}
callback function null Plugin after initialization callback function
shadow boolean false Enable default box-shadow UI
backgroundColor string|boolean 'white' Default table background color for Boostrap transparent UI. white, #FFFFFF, rgb(255,255,255,1), or false to skip.



There is an resize method which you can call when the page container has changed but not triggering window resize. The method will resize Freeze Table to ensure the size fits.


Or using API usage to update:

var freezeTable = new FreezeTable('.freeze-table', {'namespace': 'first-table'});
// Resize Freeze Table while the page container is distorted
$('.sider-bar-switch').click(function () {

Trigger $(window).resize() will also work for every Freeze Table.

Update for Dynamic Content

There is an update method which you can call when the table or it's contents has changed. The method will reinitialze Freeze Table to ensure that everything is alright with the same options.


Or using API usage to update:

var freezeTable = new FreezeTable('.freeze-table', {'namespace': 'first-table'});
// Update Freeze Table while the original table is distorted
$('.freeze-table > table .btn-expand').click(function () {


To destroy or update Freeze Tables, it's recommended to define namespaces to each Freeze Table so that they could able to destroy itself.

Namespace has default value which Freeze Tables with same namespace would affect each other.

  'namespace': 'table-first',

Table Opacity

Bootstrap sets table's background-color as transparent by default, so that you may need to define backgroundColor option for your own page:

  'backgroundColor': 'rgb(0,0,0,1)',



Resize trigger for current same namespace

See Resize


Update for Dynamic Content

See Update for Dynamic Content


Destroy Freeze Table by same namespace


Unbind all events by same namespace

Finally, I hope that you guys will like this library and enjoy it, and I want to thanks for all your RECOMMENDATIONS.

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