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    Mashape jQuery Analytics Agent

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    The Mashape jQuery Analytics agent reports API traffic passing through jQuery ajax calls. Works in all browsers where jQuery is supported and Node.js

    Quick start

    • Download the latest release.
    • Clone the repo: git clone
    • Install with Bower: bower install jquery-analytics.
    • Install with npm: npm install jquery-analytics.
    • Install with SPM: spm install jquery-analytics.


    • jQuery 1.7+
    • Mashape Analytics Service Token SERVICE_TOKEN

    What's included

    └── js/


    Include Mashape jQuery Analytics after jQuery.

    // Basic usage
    // Advanced usage
    $.Analytics('SERVICE_TOKEN', {
      ... options ...

    Done. Now every global ajax request will be logged in API Analytics.


    • environment - Required Analytics environment data is stored under, defaults to user default environment.
    • serviceToken - Optional Mashape Analytics service token, required when token is not first argument.
    • analyticsHost - Mashape Analytics hostname, defaults to
    • httpVersion - HTTP Version, defaults to HTTP/1.1
    • fallbackIp - Fallback IP for Client / Server when not fetched, defaults to
    • hostname - Server hostname, defaults to window.location.hostname
    • fetchServerIp - Flag to disable fetching server A Record, defaults to true
    • fetchClientIp - Flag to disable fetching client address, defaults to true
    • debug - Debug mode
    • ssl - Flag to enable SSL support, defaults to false

    Disable analytics for request

    To disable analytics logging for specific requests when making an ajax request via jQuery set global option to false.

    Copyright and license

    Copyright Mashape Inc, 2015.

    Licensed under the MIT License.


    npm i jquery-analytics

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