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Japanese input conversion

This is a node.js package for performing input conversion for the purposes of Japanese. Any input received will be converted (or attempted to) kanji form, hiragana form, katakana form, and romanised Japanese form.

If any of these conversions cannot be performed, the resulting conversion will be false.


npm install jp-conversion


var converter = require('jp-conversion');


.convert(input) -> object

convert an input into as many possible interpretations. The resulting object is of the form:

    kanji: <string or false>
    hiragana: <string or false>
    katakana: <string or false>
    romaji: <string or false>

.romanise(kana) -> string

Convert kana input (either hiragana or katakana) into its romanised equivalent.

The romanisation scheme used is a "makes phonetic sense to English readers" scheme. Because I despise kunrei, and the macrons used in Hepburn romanisation are generally unnecessary.


var convert = require("jp-conversion");
var res = converter.convert("しんかんせん");
// => { kanji: false, hiragana: 'しんかんせん', katakana: 'シンカンセン', romaji: 'shinkansen' });