The JavaScript Hardware Programming Framework. Use with: Arduino (all models), Electric Imp, Beagle Bone, Intel Galileo & Edison, Linino One, Pinoccio, Raspberry Pi, Spark Core, TI Launchpad and more!

">Mike Sgier

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">Bocoup. Johnny-Five programs can be written for Arduino (all models), Electric Imp, Beagle Bone, Intel Galileo & Edison, Linino One, Pinoccio, pcDuino3, Raspberry Pi, Spark Core, TI Launchpad and more!

">Johnny-Five website. The website combines content from this repo, the wiki, tutorials from the Bocoup blog and several third-party websites into a single, easily-discoverable source:

">that’s right here.">here.">examples.">Check this out.">This is what you’re looking for.">Express.js and">ar-drone, Aerogel and Spheron">XBox Controller and DualShock">Octoblu">node-pulsesensor, footballbot-workshop-ui, nodebotui, dublin-disco, node-slot-car-bot, servo-calibrator, node-ardx, nodebot-workshop, phone-home, purple-unicorn, webduino, leapduino, lasercat-workshop, simplesense, five-redbot, robotnik, the-blender

">NodeBots: The Rise of JavaScript Robotics



">IO Plugins are available. IO Plugins allow Johnny-Five code to communicate with any non-Arduino based hardware in whatever language that platforms speaks!

">here and example programs here.

">NodeBots Community Forum. If you just have a quick question or are interested in ongoing design discussions, join us in the Johnny-Five Gitter Chat.

">Arduino Experimenter's Guide for NodeJS by @AnnaGerber

">prerequisites for Linux, OSX or Windows.

">bluetooth guide if you want to remotely control your robot.

">Sparkfun Inventor's Kit">Arduino IDE">
git clone git" content="// && cd johnny-five
npm install
">Fritzing diagrams you’ll find throughout the site. A huge part of doing any Johnny-Five project is handling the actual hardware, and we’ve included these as part of the documentation because we realised that instructions on how to write code to control a servo are insufficient without instructions on how to connect a servo!

">Johnny-Five examples page on the official website. If you want to link directly to the examples in this repo, you can use one of the following links.


Wireless Nodebot

Kinect Controlled Robot Arm

Biped Nodebot

LCD Running Man

Slider Controlled Panning Servo

Joystick Controlled Laser (pan/tilt) 1

Joystick Controlled Laser (pan/tilt) 2

Joystick Controlled Claw

Robot Claw

Joystick, Motor & Led

All contributions must adhere to the Idiomatic.js Style Guide, by maintaining the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using grunt.

Copyright (c) 2012, 2013, 2014 Rick Waldron Licensed under the MIT license. Copyright (c) 2014, 2015 The Johnny-Five Contributors Licensed under the MIT license.