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Jest HTML Reporter

This is a Jest HTML reporter. It takes summary test results from jest and parses them into an HTML file for improved readability and filtering.



  • filter on pass / failed tests
  • side-by-side snapshot diff
  • chart-summarized information
  • captures raw jest results JSON file
  • link to generated coverage report (if configured)
  • configuration
  • cli
  • api


Run tests or a test with jest and specify jest-stare on the --reporters option:

  • jest --reporters default jest-stare
  • jest --testResultsProcessor=jest-stare

Alternatively, in your jest config within package.json set reporters to jest-stare :

  • "reporters": ["default", "jest-stare"]
  • "testResultsProcessor": "./node_modules/jest-stare"

jest-stare when used as a reporter updates the HTML report on each completed test run. You can use this to view test output that is incomplete (before each test suite completes). Refresh your browser to see new tests as each suite completes.

By default, after a report is generated, output will go to ./jest-stare and will contain:

  • index.html - html report
  • jest-results.json - raw jest json data
  • /js - javascript render files
  • /css - css stylings


You can configure custom reporters by passing the jest-stare config as a second argument:

    "reporters": [
          "resultDir": "results/jest-stare",
          "reportTitle": "jest-stare!",
          "additionalResultsProcessors": [
          "coverageLink": "../../coverage/lcov-report/index.html",
          "jestStareConfigJson": "jest-stare.json",
          "jestGlobalConfigJson": "globalStuff.json"

Note: testResultsProcessor will not use config options specified in the way above

Or, do so by adding a jest-stare object to your package.json, for example:

jest-stare: {

You can also configure each option via environmental variables instead. Environmental variables take precedence over values in package.json. CLI options take precedence of environmental variables and configuration.

Within the configuration object you can specify the following fields:

Field Environmental Variable Default Description Example
resultDir JEST_STARE_RESULT_DIR jest-stare set the results directory "resultDir": "results/jest-stare"
resultJson JEST_STARE_RESULT_JSON jest-results.json indicate the raw JSON results file name "resultJson": "data.json"
resultHtml JEST_STARE_RESULT_HTML index.html indicate the main html file name "resultHtml": "main.html"
log JEST_STARE_LOG true specify whether or not jest-stare should log to the console "log": false
jestStareConfigJson JEST_STARE_CONFIG_JSON undefined request to save jest-stare config raw JSON results in the file name "jestStareConfigJson": "jest-stare-config.json"
jestGlobalConfigJson JEST_STARE_GLOBAL_CONFIG_JSON undefined request to save global config results in the file name "jestGlobalConfigJson": "global-config.json"
report JEST_STARE_REPORT undefined boolean, set to false to suppress creating a HTML report (JSON only retained) "report": false
reportTitle JEST_STARE_REPORT_TITLE jest-stare! string, indicate the title of the report "reportTitle": "my title"
reportHeadline JEST_STARE_REPORT_HEADLINE jest-stare string, indicate the headline of the report "reportHeadline": "my headline"
reportSummary JEST_STARE_REPORT_SUMMARY undefined boolean, shows the report summary "reportSummary": true
additionalResultsProcessors JEST_STARE_ADDITIONAL_RESULTS_PROCESSORS undefined add additional test result processors to produce multiple report "additionalResultsProcessors": ["jest-junit"]
coverageLink JEST_STARE_COVERAGE_LINK undefined link to coverage report if available "coverageLink": "../../coverage/lcov-report/index.html"
disableCharts JEST_STARE_DISABLE_CHARTS undefined hide the doughnut charts in the HTML report "disableCharts": true
hidePassing JEST_STARE_HIDE_PASSING undefined hide passing tests in the report on page load "hidePassing": true
hideFailing JEST_STARE_HIDE_FAILING undefined hide failing tests in the report on page load "hideFailing": true
hidePending JEST_STARE_HIDE_PENDING undefined hide pending tests in the report on page load "hidePending": true


You can programmatically invoke jest-stare and provide jest response data via:

// require jest-stare
const processor = require("jest-stare");

// load some jest results JSON data
const simplePassingTests = require("../__tests__/__resources__/simplePassingTests.json");

// call jest-stare processor, passing a first parm of the jest json results,
// and optionally a second parm of jest-stare config
processor(simplePassingTests, {log: false, resultDir: __dirname + "/output"});


Use the jest-stare CLI to create or recreate an HTML report. You only need to supply an input JSON file containing the jest test results.

You can invoke jest-stare as a CLI after installing globally via npm install -g jest-stare. Or if jest-stare is a local dependency you can invoke the CLI via npx jest-stare...

Assuming that you have a relative file to your current location in a folder "data" and "simplePassingTests.json" contains saved JSON output from a jest test invocation, you can run the CLI providing a single positional input jest JSON file:

jest-stare data/simplePassingTests.json

Optionally you can control where the report will be stored using a second positional:

jest-stare data/simplePassingTests.json c:/users/myId/desktop/output

The command response takes a form of:

jest-stare was called with programmatic config
**  jest-stare: wrote output report to c:/users/myId/desktop/output/index.html  **

Jest Watch

Because jest-stare writes *.js files when generating a report, you may get an infinite loop when using jest-stare and jest --watch. Samples of the problem are documented here:

To get around this problem, consider excluding jest-stare *.js files from watch via something like this:

    "watchPathIgnorePatterns": [


See contributing.


Thanks to dogboydog and others for additions!

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