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Jade-Browser-Middleware is a piece of middleware for express that precompiles your Jade templates on the fly and writes them to files in your chosen destination as functions you can execute in your client-side JS.

How it works

Request a compiled template, i.e., script src='/templates/my-jade-template.js', and if it does not yet exist, Jade-Browser-Middleware will look in your chosen src location for my-jade-template.jade. If it's found, a compiled version, my-jade-template.js will be created and written to an optional dest location or src.

If the template already exists, Jade-Browser-Middleware will check if the original template has been modified, and if so, will recompile the template.

When the template is compiled, the function will be assigned to a namespace (defaults to 'jadeTemplates') on the window object, i.e., window.jadeTemplates.my_jade_templates = function (...) {...};.

Then you can do window.jadeTemplates.my_jade_templates([locals]);, which returns the markup compiled with optional locals.


$ npm install jade-browser-middleware

In Node

var express = require('express'),
    jadeBrowserMiddleware = require('jade-browser-middleware'),
    app = express();

Use the middleware in your app and pass in options.

app.use(jadeBrowserMiddleware(__dirname + '/views/includes', {
    dest: __dirname + '/public/templates'
    namespace: 'templates',
    format: 'camelcase'
  • src - (required) is the source location of the Jade templates you want to have compiled. For backwards-compatibility src can be defined as an option i.e., { src: '...' }


  • dest- the destination for your compiled templates (defaults to src).
  • namespace - the namespace for your templates map in the browser (defaults to 'jadeTemplates').
  • format - the format of the function name added to the namespace for each template request (defaults to 'underscore').
  • 'underscore' - will convert spaces and hyphens to underscores i.e., my jade-template.jade becomes my_jade_template.jade
  • 'camelcase' - will convert strings to camelcase i.e., my jade-template.jade becomes myJadeTemplate.jade

In the browser

Get Jade runtime and include in your project, i.e., script src='lib/runtime.js'

Request a template i.e., script src='templates/my-jade-template.js' and if the equivalent jade template exists in your src location, it will be compiled and written to an optional dest location or src.