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ip-address is a library for validating and manipulating IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in JavaScript.

Upgrading to 5.0

  • v4.Address and v6.Address have been renamed Address4 and Address6
  • Address4#toV6Group has been renamed Address4#toGroup6
  • Address6#get6to4 has been renamed Address6#to6to4
  • Address6#six2four has been renamed Address6#inspect6to4
  • Address6#teredo has been renamed Address6#inspectTeredo
  • Address6#tov4 has been renamed Address6#to4
  • Address6#v4inv6 has been renamed Address6#to4in6

Deprecation warnings are in place for all of these methods.


Documentation is available at


var Address6 = require('ip-address').Address6;
var address = new Address6('2001:0:ce49:7601:e866:efff:62c3:fffe');
address.isValid(); // true 
var teredo = address.inspectTeredo();
teredo.client4;    // '' 


  • Parsing of all IPv6 notations
  • Parsing of IPv6 addresses and ports from URLs with Address6.fromURL(url)
  • Validity checking
  • Decoding of the Teredo information in an address
  • Whether one address is a valid subnet of another
  • What special properties a given address has (multicast prefix, unique local address prefix, etc.)
  • Number of subnets of a certain size in a given address
  • Display methods
    • Hex, binary, and decimal
    • Canonical form
    • Correct form
    • IPv4-compatible (i.e. ::ffff:
  • Works in node and the browser (with browserify)
  • ~1,600 test cases

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