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ioBroker adapter for KEBA KeContact P20 or P30 and BMW i wallbox

Control your charging station using its UDP protocol and use automatic regulation e.g. to charge your vehicle by photovoltaic surplus and battery storage.


Install this adapter via ioBroker Admin:

  1. Open instance config dialog
  2. Enter the IP address of your KEBA KeContact wallbox
  3. Enter states of energy meters for PV autoamtics or power limitation and desired data for battery storage
  4. Save the configuration
  5. Start the adapter


KeContact IP Address

This is the IP address of your KEBA KeContact or BMW i wallbox. Combination with Keba KeContact S10 (phase switching device) is supported.

Firmware check

No longer supported since webite of Keba was changed.

Passive Mode

Activate this option if you wnat to control your wallbox by your own and yu do not wish this adapter to do some automatics. In this case all subsequent options regarding PV automatics and power limitation will be ignored.

Subsequent wallbox

Activate this option if this a subsequent wallbox in your environment. Currently, only one wallbox can be managed actively. All others (seperate instances) must check this option because of only one instance can receive broadcast messages. This wallbox/instance will be running in passive mode.

Load charging sessions

You can check this option to periodically download the latest charging sessions (30) from your wall box. ATTENTION for users from version v1.1.1 and below: you have to check this option to still receive for charging sessions!

Refresh Interval

This is the interval in seconds how often the wallbox should be queried for new charging values.

The default value is 10 minutes which is a good balance between the load for the KeConnect and having up-to-date information in ioBroker.

PV automatics

To charge your vehicle accordingly to a surplus (e.g. by photovoltaics) you can also define states which represent surplus and regard of main power. These value are used to calculate amperage which can be used for charging. By additional values you can define

  • a state to switch charging phases 1p/3p or using X2 port of Keba Kecontact (with Keba KeContact S10 or any other contactor)
  • a state for current power of battery storage, so the photovoltaics automatics will use it additionally for charging your vehicle
  • an option to limit power of battery storage to just hold charging with minimum power
  • toggle X1 option if you want to use X1 input from charging station to control whether to charge with full power or by photovoltaic automatic
  • a different mimimum amperage than the default 6 A (only needed for e.g. Renault Zoe)
  • a value of regard power that may be used to start charging (that means charging will start even if not enough surplus is available - suggested 0 W for 1 phases charging, 500 W to 2000 W for 3 phases charging)
  • an increment for amperage (suggested 500 mA)
  • a value of regard that may be temporarily used to uphold charging session (that means charging will stop later even if enough surplus is no longer available - starting regard will be added - suggested 500 W)
  • minimum duration of charging session (even if surplus is no longer sufficient, a charging session will last at least this time - suggested 300 sec)
  • time to continue charging session each time surplus is no longer sufficient (to bridge the time on cloudy days)

1p/3p charging

If you have an installation contactor to (dis)connect phase 2 and 3 of your charging station and this switch can be triggered by a state then this adapter is able to start charging with one phase and switch to 3 phases charging if your surplus is sufficient for it. In this case please enter the state for your installation contactor and whetherit is a NO (normally open) or NC (normally close)

batery storage

If you own a battery storage please fill in the options here. By specifiying states for surplus and regard of your battery storage, this adapter can control whether battery storage should be used for charging your vehicle or not, depenent from the strategy preficied in the options.

power limitation

You can also limit max. power of your wallbox to limit main power. E.g. when running night-storage heaters you might have to respect a maximum power limitation. If you enter a value, your wallbox will be limited continously to not pass your power limit. Up to three states of energy meters can be specified for limitation. All values will be added to calculate current consumption. An extra checkbox is used to specified whether wallbox power is included (in this case wallbox power will be subtracted from the state values).

dynamic options

Additionally there are some states to influence behaviour of photovoltaics automatic on the fly, e.g. by a script of your own updating these values according to your needs)

  • kecontact.n.automatic.photovoltaics - actives photovoltaics automatic (true) or will charge vehicle with maximum power when set to false
  • kecontact.n.automatic.calcPhases - defines the current number of phases to be used for charging calculation. This is needed for Keba Deutschland edition and can be used for initial charging session for all charging stations
  • kecontact.n.automatic.addPower - defines an amount of watts of regard allowed to charge your vehicle (same as in options)
  • kecontact.n.automatic.pauseWallbox - stops every charging session immediately as long a set to true
  • kecontact.n.automatic.limitCurrent - limits your charging to specified amperage in mA (0 = no limitation)
  • kecontact.n.automatic.batteryStorageStrategy - strategy whether and how your battery storage should be using for charging your vehicle
  • kecontact.n.automatic.batterySoCForCharging - limit usage of battery torage for vehicle by specifying a SoC below which charging is prohibited

Sample: To charge your vehicle with a constant amperage of 6A regardless of surplus, set photovoltaics to false and limitCurrent to 6000.


2.1.0 (2024-01-06)

  • (Sneak-L8) multiple options for battery storage strategy
  • (Sneak-L8) added names for values of some states: state, plug, timeQ and batteryStorageStrategy
  • (Sneak-L8) don't try to charge when state is 5 (auth req, car not ready, ...)
  • (Sneak-L8) new state to dynamically set SoC above which battery storage may be used for charging vehicle

2.0.2 (2023-10-10)

  • (Sneak-L8) default value for minimum regard time (180 seconds)
  • (Sneak-L8) fix calculation of phases for reduced charging
  • (chrisko) added minimum timer to switch between phases if 1p/3p charging is used.
  • (Sneak-L8) disable firmware check for c-series due to changes on webpage of Keba
  • (Sneak-L8) sometimes 1p/3p switch was not working correctly (repeatedly "stop charging fpr switch of phases...")

2.0.1 (2023-07-10)

  • (Sneak-L8) support for Company Car Wall Box MID - GREEN EDITION (sentry IOBROKER-KECONTACT-1K & IOBROKER-KECONTACT-1N) and PV-Edition (sentry IOBROKER-KECONTACT-1M)

2.0.0 (2023-06-26)

  • (Sneak-L8) support for 1p/3p-charging (start charging with 1 phase and switch to 3 phases when enough surplus available) including Keba KeContact S10
  • (Sneak-L8) minimum amperage allowed to 5A because some vehicles and KeContact (undocumented) allow this value
  • (Sneak-L8) new switch to limit battery storage support only to hold minimum charging power
  • (Sneak-L8) catch error when requesting firmware page (sentry IOBROKER-KECONTACT-1H)
  • (Sneak-L8) RFID tag and class where not updated in channel "statitics" when no charging sessions were obtained
  • (Sneak-L8) added new Keba model Company Car Wall Box MID (sentry IOBROKER-KECONTACT-1K)

1.5.2 (2022-11-02)

  • (Sneak-L8) fix error in release script


This project is not affiliated directly or indirectly with the company KEBA AG.

KeConnect is a registered trademark of KEBA AG.


                             Apache License
                       Version 2.0, January 2004


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