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Invoice Generator

The invoice generator is a simple tool for generating simulated invoice data.


The invoice generator requires node.JS and a few node modules. Assuming you have node.JS, you can install the node modules by using the following command.

[sudo] npm install 


The tool can then be run from the command line. The invoice generator offers help output which should sufficiently explain the commands. Access the help by using the following command.

node generate --help

which should show results such as the following

Usage: generate [options]
  -h, --help                      output usage information
  -V, --version                   output the version number
  -t, --type <array|mongoimport>  The type of format to generate
  -o, --output <file>             The file to which to output the generated records
  -n, --number <records>          The number of records to generate

Importing into Mongodb

If you use the Mongo DB type option, then the output file can be imported directly into a mongo collection.

mongoimport --db barista --collection supplier --file output.json