15 Packages by trimeego

  • generator-barista Yeoman generator for Barista
  • genie A simple object generator for ginning up realistic looking fake data. Works for all of your fake data needs.
  • grunt-barista Barista, the development server and test engine used in conjuction with generator-barista as part of a yeoman (yo) workflow.
  • grunt-wickit A simple plugin to generate static html from a Github wiki repo, including an index for search capability.
  • icg-cron-service-man... ICG Cron Service Manager
  • icg-data-management-... ICG Data Management Service
  • icg-gm GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick for node.js
  • icg-json-to-xlsx A simple module to convert JSON to XLSX files.
  • icg-rest-client A simple rest client
  • icg-soda Selenium RC Node Adapter (with Sauce Labs support) with updated http request support
  • icg-task-queue A simple, API-backed task queueing component
  • icg-task-service-man... ICG Task Service Manager
  • invoice-generator The invoice generator is a simple tool for generating simulated invoice data.
  • variant A simple module that takes a variable in one of a variety of forms (camel case, snake case, hyphenated, etc) and returns an object containing several commonly required variants.
  • xlsx-extract-js super-simple async XLSX reader with low memory footprint (forked to use sax rather than node-expat for better windows compat)