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A library/stand-alone script to convert images into base64 strings.


npm install img-to-64


var i64 = require('img-to-64');
  files: ['mike@128px.png', 'mike@256px.png'],
  css: true
}, function(err, b64strings) {
  if (err) {
    throw new Error('oh noeses, somethin is broken!');
  b64strings.forEach(function(b64) {


getImageStrings(options, callback)###

The options object takes a files key with an Array value of file paths as its value. You can also just use the file key and pass a String path if you only have a single image to convert. The options object also takes an optional css key with a Boolean of whether to output CSS-ready strings of the format "...".

The callback function is in the form of function(error, ArrayOfStrings)


If you run from the command line, the script takes two [optional] arguments: a folder and an output file. If an ouput file is not provided, it defaults to base64_images.txt. If a source dir is not provided, it defaults to ..

For instance:

./img-to-64 /some/path/to/images base64images.txt

Will output to base64images.txt data like so:

some_image_1.png : Rw0KGgoAAAANSU....

some_image_2.png : EUgAAAAUA...