17 Packages by mmaelzer

  • asunder A small library useful for splitting apart callbacks by their arguments.
  • avltree an AVL tree implementation that supports node streams
  • burst-queue a queue that executes functions in predefined bursts
  • file-on-write a stream implementation that creates a file on every write
  • gander A function timing library and so much more
  • im-decode A node.js library that leverages ImageMagick to turn images into RGBA arrays (Uint8Arrays).
  • img-to-64 A library/stand-alone script to convert images into base64 strings
  • just-a-list a linked-list implementation
  • just-a-stack just a stack implementation
  • mjpeg-camera A full-featured mjpeg camera streaming library
  • mjpeg-consumer a stream implementation that consumes http mjpeg streams and emits jpegs as buffers
  • motion A node.js motion detection library that supports node.js streams
  • multi-map A multimap with optional type safety
  • shopifapi a thin wrapper for the shopify api
  • surely Type cop
  • ttq A queue that tests its contents on an interval.
  • write-limiter A stream that provides time-based limits on stream writes.