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image-metadata-editor, is a JavaScript module that enables the addition of various types of metadata to image files, such as PNG and JPG. It includes functions for adding textual metadata (tEXt) to PNG images, metadata markers to JPG images, and XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) metadata to both PNG and JPG images. Additionally, it offers a utility function for detecting the MIME type of an image file.

Here's a high-level description of the key functionalities and components of this module/library:

  1. Write tEXt Metadata to a PNG Image:

    • Function: writePNGtext
    • Purpose: This function allows users to add textual metadata to PNG images. Textual metadata includes key-value pairs in a specific format.
    • Usage: Users provide the original PNG image, a key, a value, and an optional mode (e.g., "tEXt" or "zTXt"). The function checks if the image is a PNG, validates the text mode, and then adds the metadata to the image.
  2. Write Metadata Markers to a JPG Image:

    • Function: writeJPGMarker
    • Purpose: This function is used for adding metadata markers to JPG images. Metadata markers can be used to add comments or other metadata to the image.
    • Usage: Users provide the original JPG image, the metadata value, and an optional marker (default is COM). The function checks if the image is a JPG and then inserts the metadata marker with the specified value.
  3. Write XMP Metadata to Images (PNG and JPG):

    • Function: writeXMP
    • Purpose: This function is designed for adding XMP metadata to both PNG and JPG images. XMP is a standardized format for metadata, often used for detailed image metadata.
    • Usage: Users provide the original image and the XMP metadata as a well-structured XML document. The function checks the validity of the XMP XML, the image format, and then adds the XMP metadata to the image.
  4. Get the MIME Type of an Image:

    • Function: getMimeType
    • Purpose: This utility function is used to detect the MIME type of an image based on its magic bytes. It can identify whether an image is a PNG, JPG, or another format.
    • Usage: Users provide the image as a Uint8Array, and the function returns the detected MIME type (e.g., "image/png", "image/jpeg") or null if the format is not recognized.

The library leverages other JavaScript libraries, such as crc-32 for calculating CRC32 checksums, fast-xml-parser for XML validation, and pako for DEFLATE compression

image-metadata-editor simplifies the process of adding different types of metadata to image files and includes error handling to ensure that the image format is compatible with the chosen metadata type.

See the documentation for each library for more information on things you can use it for.


A high-level overview of how the documentation is organized organized will help you know where to look for certain things:

  • Tutorials take you by the hand through a series of steps to get started using the software. Start here if you’re new.
  • The Technical Reference documents APIs and other aspects of the machinery. This documentation describes how to use the classes and functions at a lower level and assume that you have a good high-level understanding of the software.

Install With npm

npm install image-metadata-editor

Head to for more info

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