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SDK for ILC plugins development

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SDK intended for use by developers that build plugins for Isomorphic Layout Composer.


$ npm i ilc-plugins-sdk

Plugins naming convention

In order to be discoverable by ILC plugin manager - NPM package that contains plugin should be named in one of the following ways:

  • ilc-plugin-* Example: ilc-plugin-myreporting
  • @*/ilc-plugin-* Example: @myorg/ilc-plugin-myreporting

Installation of the plugin

In order to use ILC with installed plugins we recommend extending base Docker image in the following way:

ARG ilc_version=latest
FROM namecheap/ilc:${ilc_version}

RUN npm i ilc-plugin-yourpluginname

# Need to rebuild ILC if your plugin has browser implementation
RUN npm run build

Supported plugin types

Server side plugins

Plugins of this type should provide single entry point for the server implementation. It will be detected via main property in your package.json.

Reporting plugin

Should implement IlcReportingPlugin interface. Allows customizing logs output of the ILC container and optionally set custom behaviour for request ID generation & handling.

I18n params detection plugin

Should implement I18nParamsDetectionPlugin interface.

Isomorphic plugins

Plugins of this type should provide 2 entry points, for the server & browser side respectively. Server side entrypoint will be detected via main property in your package.json. While entrypoint for a browser side implementation expected to be in browser.js file in the root folder of NPM package.

Same approach should be used to fetch necessary interfaces for the server & browser side implementation:

Server side:

import { TransitionHooksPlugin } from 'ilc-plugins-sdk';

Browser side:

import { TransitionHooksPlugin } from 'ilc-plugins-sdk/browser';

Transition hooks plugin

Allows to set up route change hooks which may:

  • Prevent routing & display some UI.
  • Perform the redirect to another page.
  • Allow route change.

Should implement TransitionHooksPlugin interface for the browser & server side.




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