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Ignite UI for jQuery

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Ignite UI for jQuery™ helps you build powerful, high-performance web-based applications. Inside Ignite UI for jQuery you'll find user experience controls and components for creating engaging line-of-business web applications which target the browsers for both mobile & desktop environments.

About Ignite UI for jQuery

Ignite UI for jQuery is built on jQuery and jQuery UI and ties in seamlessly with the jQuery core model and conventions including all styling support via jQuery UI Theme Roller. Beyond jQuery Ignite UI for jQuery features support for Bootstrap themes, AngularJS, Knockout and jQuery Mobile.

Available Features in Ignite UI for jQuery open-source version

Feature Ignite UI for jQuery OSS Ignite UI for jQuery Full Infragistics Ultimate Help
igCombo api \ help \ topics source
igHtmlEditor api \ help \ topics source
igRating api \ help \ topics source
igValidator api \ help \ topics source
igCurrencyEditor api \ help \ topics source
igDateEditor api \ help \ topics source
igMaskEditor api \ help \ topics source
igNumericEditor api \ help \ topics source
igPercentEditor api \ help \ topics source
igTextEditor api \ help \ topics source
igCheckboxEditor api \ help \ topics source
igDatePicker api \ help \ topics source
igLoader api \ help \ topics source
igDataSource api \ help \ topics source
Templating Engine api \ help \ topics source
JS Excel Engine api \ help \ topics source
igGridExcelExporter api \ help \ topics source
igTree api \ help \ topics source
igDialog api \ help \ topics source
igToolbar api \ help \ topics source
igToolbarButton api \ help \ topics source
igSplitButton api \ help \ topics source
igNotifier api \ help \ topics source
igPopover api \ help \ topics source
igRadialMenu api \ help \ topics source
igColorPicker api \ help \ topics source
igColorPickerSplitButton api \ help \ topics source
igUpload api \ help \ topics source
igVideoPlayer api \ help \ topics source
igScroll api \ help \ topics source
Data Visualization
igDataChart api \ help \ topics source
igCategoryChart api \ help \ topics source
igShapeChart api \ help \ topics source
igPieChart api \ help \ topics source
igDoughnutChart api \ help \ topics source
igFunnelChart api \ help \ topics source
igBulletGraph api \ help \ topics source
igLinearGauge api \ help \ topics source
igRadialGauge api \ help \ topics source
igMap api \ help \ topics source
igSparkline api \ help \ topics source
igQRCodeBarcode api \ help \ topics source
igZoombar api \ help \ topics source
igScheduler api \ help \ topics source
igLayoutManager api \ help \ topics source
igSplitter api \ help \ topics source
igTileManager api \ help \ topics source
igGrid api \ help \ topics source
igHierarchicalGrid api \ help \ topics source
igTreeGrid api \ help \ topics source
Spreadsheet api \ help \ topics source
Grid Features
Column Management Features api \ help \ topics source
Column Fixing api \ help \ topics source
Column Grouping api \ help \ topics source
Column Hiding api \ help \ topics source
Column Moving api \ help \ topics source
Column Resizing api \ help \ topics source
Column Summaries api \ help \ topics source
Column Template api \ help \ topics source
Multi-Column Headers api \ help \ topics source
Collapsible Column Groups api \ help \ topics source
Filtering api \ help \ topics source
Sorting api \ help \ topics source
Unbound Columns api \ help \ topics source
Feature Chooser api \ help \ topics source
Row Selectors api \ help \ topics source
Selection api \ help \ topics source
Tooltips api \ help \ topics source
Updating api \ help \ topics source
Paging api \ help \ topics source
Cell Merging api \ help \ topics source
Responsive Web Design (RWD) Mode api \ help \ topics source
jsRender Integration api \ help \ topics source
REST Updating api \ help \ topics source
Knockout Support api \ help \ topics source
Columns and Layout api \ help \ topics source
Virtualization api \ help \ topics source
Grid Multi-Row Layout api \ help \ topics source
Grid Load On Demand api \ help \ topics source
OLAP Pivot
igPivotDataSelector api \ help \ topics source
igPivotGrid api \ help \ topics source
igPivotView api \ help \ topics source
Knockout Extensions
Combo help \ topics source
Editors help \ topics source
Tree help \ topics source
Grid help \ topics source
Chart help \ topics source
Metro help \ topics source
iOS help \ topics source
Bootstrap Default help \ topics source
Bootstrap 4 Default help \ topics source
Bootstrap Superhero help \ topics source
Bootstrap Flatly help \ topics source
Bootstrap Yeti help \ topics source
Infragistics help \ topics source
Infragistics2012 help \ topics source
MVC Extensions help \ topics source
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The package for this development repository is available on both npm and bower. To get started follow the respective package manager installation:

Ignite UI for jQuery CLI

To get started with the Ignite UI for jQuery CLI and Ignite UI for jQuery:

npm i -g igniteui-cli
ig new <project name> --framework=jquery
cd <project name>
ig add combo <component name>
ig start


npm install ignite-ui


bower install ignite-ui

Package contains similar files and structure to what you'd find in the full version of Ignite UI for jQuery with complete styles and lite versions of the combined script files:

<script src="<node_modules|bower_components>/ignite-ui/js/infragistics.core-lite.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="<node_modules|bower_components>/ignite-ui/js/infragistics.lob-lite.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

The full built content for both packages can be browsed at the Ignite UI for jQuery Bower Shim repository.

Running demos locally

Besides browsing our online samples, you can also run the demos included with this repo in a local clone. Those are useful for quickly trying out some control features, as a base for other samples or even testing local changes.

To setup the repository run the following in the root directory:

npm install

The command will install all build dependencies as well as bower packages used in the demos.

To build the product:

grunt build

This will create source files under the dist/ folder complete with merged locales, combined script and structure CSS and can be called again to include new changes.

The html demos under demos/<control> can now be run directly from the file system.

Getting Help


You can find all guidelines on how to contribute on the wiki page.

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