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    This package is a wrapper for written in Typescript.

    All requests are returned as parsed Typescript interfaces and so gone is the time, where you have to constantly check the names of the values you actually need. If there are any values the Interface does not contain, then open a issue or Pullrequest on GitHub. Also a huge shoutout to ethanent from where I forked this repository, so that I have a base to work with.


    npm install --save hypixel-api-typescript


    Import the HypixelAPI and store your Hypixel API-key as a UUID.

    import * as HypixelAPI from 'hypixel-api-typescript';
    const API_KEY = UUID.fromString("xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4xxx-yxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx")

    Getting player information

    //by NAME
    const playerByName = await HypixelAPI.getPlayerByName("unaussprechlich", API_KEY);
    //by UUID
    const uuid = UUID.fromShortString("4064d7ecc2124a1cb252ecc0403a2824");
    const playerByName = await HypixelAPI.getPlayerByUuid(uuid, API_KEY);

    Finding guilds

    A GuildID can be found from a member's UUID or name.

    //by NAME
    const guildIdByMemberName = await HypixelAPI.findGuildIdByPlayerName("unaussprechlich", API_KEY);
    //by UUID
    const uuid = UUID.fromShortString("4064d7ecc2124a1cb252ecc0403a2824");
    const guildIdByMemberUuid = await HypixelAPI.findGuildIdByPlayerUuid(uuid, API_KEY);

    With the GuildID you can request the Guild.

    const guild = await HypixelAPI.getGuildById(guildIdByMemberUuid, API_KEY);

    HypixelAPI can also return the Guild directly.

    //by NAME
    const guildByMemberName = await HypixelAPI.getGuildByPlayerName("unaussprechlich", API_KEY);
    //by UUID
    const uuid = UUID.fromShortString("4064d7ecc2124a1cb252ecc0403a2824");
    const guildByMemberUuid = await HypixelAPI.getGuildByIPlayerUuid(uuid, API_KEY);

    Getting booster information

    This does return all active an queued Boosters.

    const boosters = await HypixelAPI.getBoosters(API_KEY);

    You can also check if Hypixel has paused the Booster queue.

    const isQueueStopped = await HypixelAPI.getBoostersIsDecrementing(API_KEY);

    Getting the leaderboards

    The HypixelAPI can request the leaderboards you find in each Gamelobby.

    const leaderboards = await HypixelAPI.getLeaderboards(API_KEY);

    Getting informations about your API-key

    The HypixelAPI can request the leaderboards you find in each Gamelobby.

    const key = await HypixelAPI.getKey(API_KEY);

    API Response


    npm i hypixel-api-typescript

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