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Hyper Tab Icons (Plus)

Improved forked version of Hyper Tab Icons from Dylan Frankland, displays icons in the header tabs for the current running process in Hyper terminal.

How It Works

Uses fuzzaldrin to try to match the current tab title with the SVG icons that have been added to the repo, then displays the matched icon. Has the ability to map different icons and styles.


alt demo


There are few options to customize the different icons and styles applied. You may configure these inside of ~/.hyper.js.


  • Type: object
  • Default:
      display: 'inline-block',
      marginRight: '0.25rem',
      transition: 'opacity 200ms ease-in',
      verticalAlign: 'middle',
      width: '1rem',

This object can be any CSSStyleDeclaration allowed. Pass an inline style object the same way you would with React.


  • Type: object
  • Default:
      display: 'inline-block',
      marginRight: '0.25rem',
      transition: 'opacity 200ms ease-in',
      verticalAlign: 'middle',
      width: '1rem',
      opacity: 0.3,

This object can be any CSSStyleDeclaration allowed. Pass an inline style object the same way you would with React.


  • Type: object
  • Default: {}

Map of icon to array of process names. Example:

  nodejs: ['node'],
  docker: ['docker-compose'],

Look inside src/icons for possible icons to map to. Look at src/constants/mapIcons.js for defaults.


  • Type: object
  • Default: {}

Map of process name to color string. Example:

  bash: '#FFF',
  fish: '#D8494F',
  zsh: '#C5DB00',

Look at src/constants/mapColors.js for defaults.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false

Toggles icon colors. Inherits color from current CSS applied to tab text ✨magically✨.


  • Type: object
  • Default: /^(.*?) /

The regex used to capture the process name in the title.

If you use something like zsh that swaps the process name and current working directory, the following regex should work: /: (.*?)$/.

Alternatively, supply an object with the properties source and flags.

  source: '^(.*?) ',
  flags: '',


  • Type: number (integer)
  • Default: 1

The index of the match out of the array of matches made by config.tabIcons.processNameRegex.

An index of 0 is the full match made by the regex. An index of 1 or more is used to get an exact match from one of the matching groups.


There are an almost infinite amount of processes out there, so any help adding new icons, mapping colors, et cetera is greatly appreciated!

1. Add new icon

Add newicon.svg icon into src/icons/ folder, then edit the file src/icons/index.js

export newicon from './newicon.svg';

2. Map icon to process's name

Then, edit src/constants/mapIcons.js, please note:

newicon: [

newicon should match the name you have exported above, but the array is the name of processes. Make example, we use shell icon for all kinds of bash, fish and zsh process.

3. Map color

Now you can map color by editing src/constants/mapColors.js file. Please note that you need to use the process-name to map the color, not icon name.

Then run npm run build to make the build if you want.


Inspired by Atom's file-icons. This project was first initiated by Dylan Frankland, I forked it and add more stuffs here.


npm i hyper-tab-icons-plus

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