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    Extension for Hyper.app to enhance pane navigation. Navigate through panes with arrows, jump directly to a specific pane with digit, change focus on mouse hover or temporarily maximize a pane.

    Navigation with arrows: hyper-pane

    Maximize pane:

    Inspired by https://github.com/iamstarkov/hyper-panes-iterm2-hotkeys


    To install, execute:

    hyper i hyper-pane

    Or edit ~/.hyper.js manually and add "hyper-pane" to plugins:

    plugins: [


    Default configuration:

    module.exports = {
      config: {
        // other configs...
        paneNavigation: {
          debug: false,
          hotkeys: {
            navigation: {
              up: 'ctrl+alt+up',
              down: 'ctrl+alt+down',
              left: 'ctrl+alt+left',
              right: 'ctrl+alt+right'
            jump_prefix: 'ctrl+alt', // completed with 1-9 digits
            permutation_modifier: 'shift', // Added to jump and navigation hotkeys for pane permutation
            maximize: 'meta+enter'
          showIndicators: true, // Show pane number
          indicatorPrefix: '^⌥', // Will be completed with pane number
          indicatorStyle: { // Added to indicator <div>
            position: 'absolute',
            top: 0,
            left: 0,
            fontSize: '10px'
          focusOnMouseHover: false,
          inactivePaneOpacity: 0.6 // Set to 1 to disable inactive panes dimming

    Supported keys

    For modifier keys you can use shift, ctrl, alt, or meta. You can substitute option for alt and command for meta.

    Other special keys are backspace, tab, enter, return, capslock, esc, escape, space, pageup, pagedown, end, home, left, up, right, down, ins, del, and plus.

    Any other key you should be able to reference by name like a, /, $, *, or =.

    ⚠ Warning: Use ctrl+alt or cmd+alt modifier only with arrow and digit key. Otherwise, shortcut will not be detected by Hyper.


    Navigation with arrows

    Use ctrl+alt+<Up,Down,Left,Right> (or your configured hotkeys) to navigate to a neighbor pane.

    Jump with digit

    Use ctrl+alt+<1-9> (or your configured hotkeys) to jump directly to a numbered pane. Panes are ordered "first child descendent" and 9 is reserved to the last pane.

    Hotkey indicators are displayed on top left corner of each pane from 2 panes opened. You can change its content, its style or hide them completly.

    Pane permutation

    Adding shift key (or your configured key) to previous hotkeys cause a pane switching.

    Focus on mouse hover

    Set config.paneNavigation.focusOnMouseHover to true and focus will change when mouse cursor enters into an another pane.

    Maximize a pane

    You can temporarily maximize pane with meta+enter (or your configured key) and restore it with the same key. You can have one maximized pane per tab.

    Dim inactive panes

    By default, inactive panes are dimmed (opacity: 0.6). You can disable this by setting inactivePaneOpacity to 1.


    npm i hyper-pane

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