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A material design theme for Hyper based on Carlos Cuesta's materialshell.


  1. Open preferences with your editor - Tip: CMD+, or at ~/.hyper.js.
  2. Add hyper-materialshell to your plugins list.
  3. Reload hyper - CMD+Shift+R.
plugins: ['hyper-materialshell']


Materialshell also has an Oceanic colorscheme, to use this version, edit .hyper.js and add this code inside of the config: {} object.

materialshell: {
  theme: 'oceanic'


What font is that?

Consolas a monospaced typeface.

How can I get the cool prompt?

The prompt isn't part of Hyper or iTerm, it has to do with the shell. I'm using ZSH with along with materialshell take a look at the materialshell repository.

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