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Use JavaScript to generate human-readable ids from a lists of nouns and adjectives.

Generate ids in the format of adjective-noun-# such as

  • silly-goose-37
  • quick-cobra-15
  • tricky-chicken-23
  • brave-ladybug-90

My problem is that I often want ids that I can type without having to look at twice (nor telling someone else twice).

I should be able to shout one of these ids across the room to a co-worker or spouse and have them be able to enter it without any confusion.

Currently the id space is about 1,000,000 ids (100 * 100 * 100).

The goal is to have several billion possible combinations by adding more words as well as expanding the ids to have verbs and adverbs.

For a larger address space now, consider:

All of these also have the benefit of bi-directional conversion, but not all of them have words which are easy to pronounce and spell.



# directly from git
npm install --save git+
# from npm
npm install --save human-readable-ids
'use strict';
var hri = require('human-readable-ids').hri;
var i;
// generate 100 random ids 
for (= 0; i < 100; i += 1) {

bower / browser

bower install --save human-readable-ids
    <script src="bower_components/knuth-shuffle/index.js"></script> 
    <script src="bower_components/human-readable-ids/assets/animals.js"></script> 
    <script src="bower_components/human-readable-ids/assets/adjectives.js"></script> 
    <script src="bower_components/human-readable-ids/index.js"></script> 
;(function (exports) {
  'use strict';
  var hri = exports.humanReadableIds || require('human-readable-ids').hri;
  var i;
  for (= 0; i < 100; i += 1) {
}('undefined' !== typeof exports && exports || new Function('return this')()));


Please add more words that fit these criteria

  • Easy-to-spell - such that even my redneck dad can manage
  • Phonetically distinct - no words like bore/boar
  • Few syllables
  • Well-known

All of the words are sorted alphabetically (sort -u) and stored in the *.txt files. The pre-publish script outputs the formatted javascript.

Bad Examples

  • wednesday, hamster, ostrich (difficult to spell)
  • grey, gray, bore, boar (two ways of spelling the same word or sound)
  • prawn (not well-known)


Add more words and strategies from


Acheive 1 trillion ids with a combination such as

number adjective noun verb adverb


And allow choosing various formats based on the desired number of ids.

  • adjective noun number
  • number adjective noun verb