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hubup NPM Package

Automate the full release process for npm packages.

When publishing npm packages, there is more to do than just running npm package. Usually, you end up doing the following steps:

  • Versioning
  • Creating a release on GitHub with release notes
  • Publishing to npm

hubup automates these steps in a simple way. Simply run npm run release, specify the release type (major, minor, patch), provide release notes and you are done. After hubup finishes, you will have a new version of your package available on npm as well as a corresponding release on GitHub with release notes.


  1. Install hubup
yarn add --dev hubup
npm i --save-dev hubup
  1. Add a new release script to your package.json file
"scripts": {
  "release": "hubup"
  1. Run npm run release.


GitHub Personal Access Token

A GitHub Personal access token will be needed to create the release on GitHub. Adding this token to an environment variable named GITHUB_API_TOKEN is recommended as this will allow hubup to skip prompting for it.

Uploading assets with a release

A filepath relative to the directory from which hubup is called can be provided as argument, so that it'll be uploaded with the release:

hubup package.json

If you want to provide your own options (name or contentType), provide them as the argument after (as JSON):

hubup package.json '{"contentType":"application/json","name":"whatever"}'

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