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Hubot: hubot-rivescript

Provides a RiveScript chatbot personality for Hubot, using the rivescript JS module.

RiveScript is a simple scripting language for chatbots. See to learn more about it.

See src/ for full documentation.


In your hubot project repo, run:

npm install --save hubot-rivescript

Then add hubot-rivescript to your external-scripts.json:



Use the following environment variables to configure your RiveScript bot:

  • HUBOT_RIVESCRIPT_BRAIN (default ./brain)

    The path on disk to a directory containing RiveScript files (*.rive).

  • HUBOT_RIVESCRIPT_PREFIX (default blank)

    By default, this script responses to all messages directed at the bot (by mentioning its username). This can overlap with other scripts you may have configured; so you can set this variable to require an additional prefix. For example, with HUBOT_RIVESCRIPT_PREFIX="rs" a user must say "hubot rs hello" to get the RiveScript bot to respond.

  • HUBOT_RIVESCRIPT_UTF8 (default 0)

    Enable UTF-8 support within RiveScript. By default, all punctuation and symbols are stripped from the user's input message, and RiveScript triggers can't contain Unicode symbols. Enable UTF-8 mode to lift these restrictions if you want to support non-English users.

    Enable it with HUBOT_RIVESCRIPT_UTF8=1


    Use synchronous replies instead of async ones. By default, replies are async and you can change that by doing HUBOT_RIVESCRIPT_SYNC=1

    Under the hood, this is the difference between using rs.replyAsync() (default) and rs.reply(); in the latter mode, object macros aren't allowed to return promises but must return string results.


    Set this variable to 1 to enable debug mode within RiveScript. This will log verbose internal information to the console and may be useful to help debug loading or matching errors within RiveScript.

Sample Interaction

user1> hubot hello bot
hubot> Hello human!

user1> hubot my name is Alice
hubot> Alice, I'll call you that from now on.

user2> hubot call me Bob
hubot> I'll remember that your name is Bob.

user1> hubot who am I?
hubot> Your name is Alice.

user2> hubot what's my name?
hubot> You told me your name is Bob.

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